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The main goal of this class is to gain an introductory exposure to the nature of the psychiatric disorder known as schizophrenia as revealed by the scientific method. We will discuss a broad range of findings from the scientific investigation of biological and psychological factors related to schizophrenia and its treatment. More specifically we will learn about: (1) key symptomatic features through discussion and enactments of interviews with actors portraying many of the cardinal features of the illness, (2) what brain imaging studies (MRI and fMRI) and neurochemistry have taught us about the neuroscience of the disorder, (3) scientific psychological data and theories concerning cognition, emotion and behavior in schizophrenia, and (4) current, evidence-based somatic and psychosocial approaches to treatment. A brief historical overview of the recent emergence of the psychiatric category of schizophrenia will be presented as well....

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2021년 5월 5일

Given information is very clear and easy to understand.\n\nI really appreciate that it is just the most important parts and not the whole science or odd information.\n\nThank you, I learned so much.

2021년 2월 8일

Information and learning was far more than I expected. The lectures were clear, crisp and the information provided was relevant. I enjoyed the course and learnt quite a lot about the subject matter.

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교육 기관: joshua L

2018년 7월 10일

Excellent short course. The course gives video case studies of symptoms and the content is presented in a factual and informative way, bot of which aid learning.

교육 기관: Marc G

2018년 8월 30일

I loved the course! It’s concise and very much to-the-point, and provides a solid overview of all aspects linked to the history, epidemiology, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of schizophrenia from various approaches, both biological/pharmacological and psychosocial. The course consists only of videos, with no required readings associated, and there are some optional forums, but no peer-graded assignments. The assessment is based on one midterm and one final exam, each consisting of 20 questions; this is remarkable, as some of the courses I’ve taken here seem to contain more assessment questions than actual learning material. I particularly liked the practical demonstrations/role-plays, as they help understand how the lists of symptoms translate into real-life experience. Hats off to the instructor and the rest of the team who made this course possible. Thank you!

교육 기관: Michael B K

2018년 9월 11일

Could have been more comprehensive and more with indivigual case histories.

교육 기관: Naomi F

2018년 10월 10일

I wish it could have gone more in depth.

교육 기관: Graham P T

2018년 11월 12일

Very difficult to stay engaged when the presenter is always saying "um um ah ah ah ah um um"

교육 기관: Jessica Ö

2017년 11월 29일

Excellent course! It gives an amazing insight and understanding to Schizophrenia and considering the corse length, I am very impressed with how much Professor Matt Kurtz manages to cover. The videos are easy to follow, easy to understand and everything about Matt Kurtz's teaching style makes it very easy to follow his classes and understand the information he's trying to teach. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in or fascinated by the disorder Schizophrenia, as Matt Kurtz covers the history of the disorder, the symptoms that it can cause as well as the treatments used from back in the days up until now.

교육 기관: Ozge N

2020년 7월 10일

Thanks to this course I have learned comprehensive knowledge about Schizophrenia.Especially the interviews were pretty good. I would like to say thank you to Coursera and Prof.Kurtz for this course.

교육 기관: Tiffany J T

2019년 12월 2일

This course has extensive coverage of various aspects of information on schizophrenia. I especially like the four demonstrations, which are very useful for giving a straightforward illustration of different types of symptoms.

It is suggested that the course could compile a reference list with those articles/papers referred to throughout the lectures. And I would appreciate it if some of the citations/references could be more updated.

Overall, it's a very wonderful experience learning this course :)

교육 기관: petya

2018년 12월 28일

OK, but rather superficial

교육 기관: Timothy

2018년 6월 13일

Some of the material is inaccurate. The examples simplistic, exaggerated and somewhat encouraging of the stigma surrounding the illness.

교육 기관: Marianne H

2018년 5월 22일

I know I'm not quite the kind of person that this course has in mind, but I chose this course because my husband has schizophrenia and I wanted to understand more about it. Our local medical practitioners don't communicate well and just rush us in and out of appointments, bombarding us with medical terminology - I don't know whether they just assume we know all about it and understand them or whether they're just trying to blind us with science in the hope that we will just put up and shut up without making a fuss, but either way, neither of us really had a clue what was going on. Now that I've done this clearly communicated and highly accessible course, I at least know roughly what they're saying and am able to formulate sensible questions and understand the answers so that I can fight for my husband's rights if I need to, and make sure he gets looked after properly instead of getting fobbed off until something awful happens. The feeling alone that that inspires is worth its weight in gold. Thank you.

교육 기관: Megan B

2019년 5월 11일

I enjoyed this course very much. I am an occupational therapist working in mental health who also lives with the experience of mental illness. This course breaks down complex subjects well and the videos are short enough to be memorable but detailed enough that one feels that one has learned something. I liked having the ability to read transcripts as the video played because my learning preference is definitely reader-writer over auditory. I would recommend this course for any nurse or allied health professional who is entering or relatively new to the mental health field, or who works regularly with people with schizophrenia in other ways.

교육 기관: brandie r

2020년 5월 31일

Was on a whim taking this course, I actually wasn't searching for this. In actuality, I was scanning for courses under "environmental health." This popped up and I immediately decided to take it because someone close to me was recently diagnosed with the mental illness and I wanted to learn more about it. The class was perfect to follow for me, the instructor was calm and showed many aspects of the illness. Would highly recommend to anyone who knows of someone with this mental illness and wants to learn a bit more.

교육 기관: Jesús P R

2018년 4월 5일

I find this course to be a blessing, because is focused in one of the most important mental disorders, which on the other hand is one of the most neglected and ignored. It is extremely useful for all the population in general in order to understand this highly prevalent illness and in consequence, the behaviour of some people the will encounter and is specially useful for the relatives of people with the illness, just to give a little bit of light on this illness, which has so much still to be discovered.

교육 기관: Susanne D

2018년 7월 12일

Before taking this course I really had difficulties grasping what Schizophrenia really is and what its symptoms are. This compact course helped me so much in shedding light on this disorder. The "patient" interviews were really helpful and it was interesting to try to categorize the types of schizophrenia myself by the shown symptoms. Thanks a lot to Professor Kurtz and his team for this course!

교육 기관: Anvar K

2020년 5월 23일

This is challenging One, This course gives video case studies of symptoms and the content is presented in a factual and informative way-this is the most challenging and fulfilling course I have taken so far. Hats off to the instructor and the rest of the team who made this course possible.

I recommend this for psychiatric social workers regardless of your career or passion to help...Thank you!

교육 기관: Gerardo S

2018년 3월 4일

Greatest course ever, the professor knows a lot and he knows at the same time how to trasnmit the information wisely, using videos and actors, at the same time he knows how to convey the difference in symtoms butkeeping the same structures of the schizophrenia, it's really cool, please let me know when this guy makes more courses available, one on bipolar disorder would be really cool indeed!

교육 기관: Fahad A N

2018년 12월 14일

This course has helped me greatly in my employment in mental health. There is much information & references to follow up on. The lecturer's presentation is effective & interesting. There is a variety methods of delivering the information through video, slides, role play & discussion boards. This has helped me pass both quizzes first time and at a high score.


2020년 4월 27일

It was a wonderful experience as a psychiatrist to go through the modules of schizophrenia.The non pharmacological approaches were explained so well so that we could try as much as possible to understand the concerns of schizophrenics,treat them to improve the social life .Thank you so much for the updation of approaches to the management of schizophrenia .

교육 기관: Anna V A

2021년 5월 18일

It was a very informative course. It detailed about the symptoms, the client's experience with schizophrenia disorder.Course was very useful and enjoyed learning it.

And i enrolled this course through 'Free courses for learners in India' and it showed the 'certificate was for free'. But i'm disappointed that i haven't received the certificate.


교육 기관: Jordan T

2019년 11월 26일

As someone taking an undergraduate module in CNS Disorders at university, this course was invaluable in developing my knowledge and understanding of schizophrenia. Prof. Kurtz delivered his lectures extremely well, and the content of his talks were both comprehensive and easily understandable, even to the layperson. I would highly recommend this course

교육 기관: Lidia B

2018년 9월 8일

A very nice course for everyone who wants to know a bit more about mental illnesses. There is a stigma in our society that's why sometimes it is frightnening to deal with people with problems. The more you know the more you understand how to behave around such people and help them be a part of our lives. Thank you for the course it was very useful!

교육 기관: Ben S L

2017년 11월 23일

This was an excellent review of Schizophrenia, including the history, diagnostic criteria, neurology, interventions and outcomes. I have worked with clients with various disorders for years and found that I need to constantly be learning or relearning about these various disorders. This class accomplished that goal for Schizophrenia.

교육 기관: arzu e

2018년 2월 16일

I wish there were powerpoint slides and some extra reading materials. But overall, I've learned a a lot. Mr. Kurz's teaching style is very powerful, I'm not tired a bit while listening to him. The course syllabus is well designed, I can easily shifted through modules. Thank you for sharing your information and wisdom for free.

교육 기관: Priscilla A d S

2018년 2월 18일

Thats a perfect course, that really introduce you in schizophrenia symptons and how the patient looks like.Thats alll goood , i loved this course and you can learn more about neuropsychology and much more. The professor is really clear and domains that subject. Yes you can also learn about others theories.