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Learners who complete Science of Exercise will have an improved physiological understanding of how your body responds to exercise, and will be able to identify behaviors, choices, and environments that impact your health and training. You will explore a number of significant adjustments required by your body in order to properly respond to the physical stress of exercise, including changes in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, nutritional considerations, causes of muscle soreness & fatigue, and the effectiveness and dangers of performance enhancing drugs. Active learning assessments will challenge you to apply this new knowledge via nutrition logs, heart rate monitoring, calculations of your total daily caloric expenditure and body mass index (BMI). Finally, learners will examine the scientific evidence for the health benefits of exercise including the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity (weight loss), depression, and dementia....

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Apr 15, 2020

Love everything about this course. Nice module. Professor is really nice. However, I need to learn further about weight training (Pros, cons , etc). Looking forward to attend in weight training class.


May 30, 2020

This course was very informative and had a good approach. The course design kept me motivated through out the time to complete it. I am thankful to Dr. Robert Mazzeo for providing a wonderful course.

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교육 기관: Ajoy K D

Nov 28, 2019

Thank you for helping me to learn this amazing course 'Science of Exercise'. I have learned about Nutrition, Health, Fitness, etc.

교육 기관: Ms. N R

Apr 18, 2020

Very nice course, nicely explained and it was easily understandable. I enjoyed writing My assignment. Highly recommended course

교육 기관: Caspar G T

May 18, 2020

Excellent content

Excellent setup

I found it personally very interesting and useful as a precursor to studying sports medicine.

교육 기관: Pinky S

Apr 27, 2020

It was very detailed precisely tailored course. As much as i enjoyed learning it, i loved using it in real time and explaining.

교육 기관: Julian H D

Aug 05, 2018

This course was very informative and now a great tool in my toolbox to assist those that come to my Wellness Center.

Thank you !

교육 기관: Marcelo P

Aug 11, 2019

Great material, amazing platform and flexibility to study. Very happy as an overall with the website and the content offered.

교육 기관: Vidit s

Sep 03, 2018

Great course! Very informational, very inspiring and suitable for all proficiency levels. Well designed and very well taught!

교육 기관: Katia K M

Feb 28, 2019

Very good course, very explanatory classes, tests according to the classes, I loved it. I will continue for the next course.

교육 기관: Sumit C

May 06, 2020

The content and the delivery are apt, engaging and informative. Good course for anyone interested in the flied of exercise.

교육 기관: Gustavo A M

Dec 07, 2019

Great course. I enjoyed learning through a series of very clear lectures and well selected recommended readings. Thank you.

교육 기관: Malhar R K

May 26, 2020

amazing course to understand changes and body adaptations during exercise!! Highly recommended for bubbling athletes!!

교육 기관: Maiia S

Feb 26, 2019

Very useful information that can be easily applied in everyday training process and make it more effective! Thank you!

교육 기관: Jennifer C J

May 11, 2020

Excellent, there was so much excellent information. This course has changed the way I approach my physical fitness.

교육 기관: RAHUL K O

Dec 08, 2019


교육 기관: Sarmad U K S

Apr 06, 2020

Very well taught and really a good course if you want to learn body adaptations in response to exercise. Full Marks.

교육 기관: Marcel E

May 16, 2020

I really enjoyed the course and like the course format! I really want to thank the University of Colorado Boulder!

교육 기관: Ritu P

May 15, 2020

Awesome so tons of knowledge I got from this course thanks to co- ordinator, university of Colorado and coursera..

교육 기관: Deepa J G

Apr 10, 2020

Loved the in between quizzes and questions. The teaching off course was wonderful! thank you for this opportunity.

교육 기관: Tina d S

Feb 28, 2018

Great induction into the theories of exercise and understanding the mental and physiological impact of exercise.

교육 기관: Sofía C H

Jul 08, 2019

Very complete course, I loved the quiz during the video! Will very much recommend the course to interested peers

교육 기관: Prateek D

Jun 25, 2019

Excellent course, but it would be better if the questions are at the end of the video lectures than in between.

교육 기관: Redvers F C

May 21, 2020

Great course!! I loved doing the quizzes and listening to the lectures. But, I won't be doing the assignments.

교육 기관: Khushbookakkad

Jan 04, 2019

This course really helped me to understand the physiology of the athlete and understand the systems in detail.

교육 기관: Tuan Q N

Jun 20, 2019

I found this course very fascinating and learned so much that I can use for further advancement in my career!

교육 기관: Alisa S

May 30, 2019

Motivational to start moving more

Interesting for a regular person who wants to understand their body better