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“Scientific Research Foundations” is now taught in many universities in a variety of specialties in almost any field of knowledge – almost to everyone who receives a higher education. There is also literature – focused on self-study or accompanying relevant courses. The feature of this author's course “Scientific Research Foundations” is in its focus on creating a picture of science in the head of a novice researcher. The “picture” is in the sense of Grenander’s pattern, not an image. This is important because pattern is a system, unlike image. From childhood, everyone imagines a scientist –like a bore in huge glasses distorting eyes, or like an extravagant Einstein with his tongue out. This is an image, and this is also very important for choosing your future. But when it comes not to imagine, but to be a scientist, your picture of a science is to be much more consistent. Therefore, the course contains numerous references to the experience and conceptual approaches of various eminent scientists, contains reading materials with fragments of significant scientific books. Reading such texts, having their own face and valuable in themselves as piece of literature, is exactly what can make a talented beginner a promising researcher. The course is intended for beginners in scientific activity in the field of information security or other technical specialties: students, undergraduates, graduates from higher school and graduate students. There may be difficulties in the course for students with only secondary or secondary special education. With motivation, these difficulties can be overcome. Infographic vector created by macrovector -
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2021년 3월 2일

very useful for my future studying