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Social and emotional learning, or SEL, programs have flourished in schools during the last decade. In this course the instructor (Emily Price) introduces you to the history and framings of social and emotional learning preK-12 curricula, as well as various elementary, middle, and high school SEL programs and associated research. This course is a part of the 5-course Specialization “The Teacher and Social Emotional Learning (SEL)”. Interested in earning 3 university credits from the University of Colorado-Boulder for this specialization? If so check out "How you can earn 3 university credits from the University of Colorado-Boulder for this specialization" reading in the first module of this course for additional information. We want to note that the courses in this Specialization were designed with a three-credit university course load in mind. As a participant you may notice a bit more reading content and a little less video/lecture content. Completing and passing the SEL Specialization allows the participant to apply for 3 graduate credits toward teacher re-certification and professional enhancement. We want to ensure the quality and high standards of a University of Colorado learning experience. Interested in earning 3 graduate credits from the University of Colorado-Boulder for The Teacher and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialization? Check out "How you can earn 3 university credits from the University of Colorado-Boulder for this specialization" reading in the first week of this course for more information....

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2019년 4월 20일

Excellent information about students self awareness, social awareness, self management, interpersonal relationships and problem solving. Research based instruction from UC-Boulder. Awesome course.


2018년 3월 12일

This course provided insight in to the reasons social emotional learning is vital for students' success in life, and provided many data points to support SEL as an academic positive, as well.

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SEL for Students: A Path to Social Emotional Well-Being의 61개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Abdullah E

2021년 1월 4일

Very beneficial course. I learned new skills and got alot of information.

교육 기관: Kelly O

2020년 6월 4일

This SEL course was fantastic. By far one of the best courses I've taken.

교육 기관: Alexaundrea W

2022년 3월 23일

This was intense but 100% worth all the reading. I learned a lot.

교육 기관: Amber S

2019년 5월 4일

Good connection to what is happening in classrooms at this moment.

교육 기관: Wafa A

2021년 6월 4일

Excellent content with very important information, Thank you.

교육 기관: Camille G

2019년 11월 15일

Very interesting and applicable to my professional context

교육 기관: Nicole H

2021년 3월 3일

The instructions from the instructor were very clearly.

교육 기관: Vasif V

2018년 5월 22일

Perfect.It was very useful for me .I recommend you.

교육 기관: James S

2020년 12월 8일

An excellent course for any Educator to take...

교육 기관: Jiska H

2019년 6월 4일

I love this course about the heart of teaching.

교육 기관: Pete B

2019년 3월 13일

Concise, well-structured and easy to digest!

교육 기관: Jennifer

2018년 6월 12일

Excellent course! I would highly recommend!

교육 기관: Lisa W

2020년 2월 29일

Excellent delivery and great information!

교육 기관: Hend A M

2020년 1월 26일

Amazing lectures with amazing professors

교육 기관: Glarries n m

2021년 4월 4일

Very good and interesting subjects

교육 기관: Humera P

2019년 9월 21일

very informative and user friendly

교육 기관: Jay N

2020년 4월 10일

This course is very insightful.

교육 기관: Javeria R

2020년 10월 11일

Thank you for this course

교육 기관: amecia h

2022년 4월 15일

Interesting course

교육 기관: HITESH J J

2022년 6월 29일


교육 기관: Dileep K P

2022년 5월 3일


교육 기관: Tara O

2018년 3월 1일


교육 기관: ELMER P M P

2022년 6월 19일


교육 기관: Mona A A

2021년 6월 2일


교육 기관: Jose I F

2020년 3월 14일

It was a great experience to participate in this course. It was very informative about the topic, but I would suggest to provide more info about the tools or practices that we can use or implement with kids and adolescents to develop social and emotional learning, apart of talking about the programs that are currently available in the matter.