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This free course from the University of London explores critical thinking, and the interpretation of texts, through the Shakespeare authorship question. Using doubt about Shakespeare’s authorship as our playground, we will explore the key concept of authorship attribution, while developing skills in literary analysis, interpretation, and argument. Through forensic exploration of key texts, you will learn why Shakespeare’s authorship is questioned, and what evidence is cited on both sides of the debate. For those of you interested in exploring the works of Shakespeare from a new angle, or just wanting to hone your analytical thinking skills, this course offers an introduction to a fascinating area of interest. Those of you already interested in the Shakespeare authorship question will be encouraged to question your own assumptions in fruitful ways. Whether undertaken as a standalone course, or as preparation for the University of London BA in English, this course will be food for thought....

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Feb 21, 2018

Great Course with many interesting and innovative concepts. Thanks to all the folks who must have worked hard and long to put this course on the internet. Dr Quincy


Feb 18, 2019

This was an extremely interesting course. I loved that it questioned traditional thinking. I truly believe that more courses like this should exist. Excellent

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교육 기관: Molly W

Mar 14, 2018

I've been researching this topic privately for a decade. It was immensely useful for me to take this basics course which reinforced my understanding of the fundamental facts of the case, and helped me to root my own inquiry in the conversation at large.

교육 기관: Rob S

Mar 16, 2018

Well done

교육 기관: David P

Apr 17, 2018

This course gave me a much deeper insight into the Shakespeare Authorship Question, and why there are so many conflicting and contradictory points of view about the whole subject. Recommended for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge about this topic.

Dave Patrick, Editor, 'The View Beyond: Sir Francis Bacon - Alchemy, Science, Mystery' (Polair Publishing, 2011)

교육 기관: James A

May 06, 2018

extremely fair and very thorough on the narrow (and surprising) question of whether there is enough evidence to say that Shakspere (ie William S of Stratford) wrote the Shakespeare plays - would welcome more material/new course on internal evidence from the plays and/or the sonnets, as hinted at the end of the course

교육 기관: Judith P

Mar 18, 2018

Really interesting. I am inspired to look into this subject more deeply.

교육 기관: Walnea C

May 08, 2018

the issues are really interesting and well explained and supported and developed.

교육 기관: Francis M

Mar 20, 2018

Fascinating subject. The content of this course is offered no where else. The course is well organized and presented with enthusiasm by Dr. Barber

교육 기관: M A P

Mar 17, 2018

A very thorough and balanced investigation: As a CEO for 40 yrs (youngest at NY 1 WTC, age 25) , I have conducted due diligence globally on new ventures (including the Arab Gulf, with little or no tradition of transparency--yet I was awarded HSBC BMG 1st Place Transparency Award) and live under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or I go to prison; since I hold 2 degrees from private and Ivy League schools, the question of authorship has intrigued me for decades. The Stratfordians have no evidence, and childishly resort to name-calling, e.g., one review attacked this intelligent course with nothing but a smear, "how irrational people think." Au contraire. ANY EVIDENCE OF WS AS GENIUS POETIC WRITER OF PROFOUND WISDOM IS PROFOUNDLY ABSENT. Won summer fellowship to New College Oxford, housesat for Professor John Wain Professor of Poetry in Upper Wolvercote, and had the great honor of a private tutelage under Professor Richard Ellmann, biographer of James Joyce, a giant of a scholar. Now for fun I teach Ulysses in my spare time, a text celebrating the slipperiness of language, and identity. BRAVO Professor Ros Barber!

교육 기관: Libby G

Apr 06, 2018

i was impressed with the class and Dr. Barber's work of presenting it. I enjoyed all the work that went into the support of the lectures. I especially liked the text that was available for the hard of hearing a group that I am included. I would take it again if it is offered and possibly additional material was added.

교육 기관: William C

Mar 15, 2018

A very thorough introduction to the authorship question.

교육 기관: Joachim Ö

Mar 08, 2018

As an introduction to the Authorship Question this is an excellent course. In a new course there are always room for improvement, and staff responds quickly on feedback. I've been aware and interested in the subject for ten years, and always tried to be balanced and equally hard when examining evidence and interpretations. This course starts with reminding us to be conscious of the human tendency to see and explain facts so it's fits our existing view. In my view, it continues in this cautious manner, often reminding us students to be careful about conclusions. I understand some Stratfordians might see the course as biased, but we must remember the subject is about the possibilities for non-Stratfordian answers. I also think the facts almost always is presented in a balanced and neutral way, and I have during the course preferred Stratfordian explanations sometimes and non-Stratfordian sometimes. I've also been encouraged to read deeper than ever in the texts and find I'm closer to them than ever. I find the videos very well structured and very clearly presented. I recommend this course warmly to anyone that is interested in knowing more about Shakespeare and/or the Authorship Question.

교육 기관: luce n

Mar 03, 2018


교육 기관: Heidi J

Feb 22, 2018

This course provides a gateway into the realm of the Shakespeare authorship question. The key pieces of authorship evidence are presented for consideration, the instructor is knowledgeable and engaging, and the guest interviews present thoughtful insights from literary scholars and actors who find this topic worthy of further exploration. Some technical glitches were quickly remedied by the attentive instructor, which helped to make this course an educational and enjoyable experience.

교육 기관: Beau P

Mar 19, 2018

I see much to value and love about this course that gently urges the student to consider ideas and concepts that can be contentious and controversial. It's the essence of learning that mysteries explored and uncovered provide the stepping stones for understanding life in general. This course will not only take you to a better understanding of the subject, but point you to constructive and positive methods of looking at all subjects. I was particularly impressed with Dr. Barbur's initial framing of the topic, acknowledging its difficulties, and urging open minds and a rigorous thinking process. I believe I have learned a great deal both about the Shakespeare authorship question, and about seeing the world in general, in a more realistic way. Thank you.

교육 기관: Walter R T

Mar 18, 2018

I really enjoyed this course, and appreciate all the time and effort from everyone involved. Thank you.

교육 기관: Julie M

Mar 13, 2018

For anyone seeking to discuss the Shakespeare authorship question this is a great course. If you do not believe this question should ever dare be asked it isn't the course for you. The course does not trumpet one "candidate" over any other, but encourages one to look closely at anything provided, on all sides, as evidence. It does ask one to question things we may have previously accepted with little query. There were some technical difficulties to begin with but the course leaders worked hard to sort them. The skill and joy of Shakespeare is never in doubt but who exactly Shakespeare might be is.

교육 기관: Malu C

Jul 17, 2019

As an avid Shakespeare reader, I found this course fascinating. Listening to Roz and to the interviews with prestigious scholars opened my eyes to new perspectives and points of view. It encourages me to continue reading and to submerge myself into the Shakespeare authorship and the question ho wrote Shakespeare

교육 기관: Michael G

Jul 20, 2019

Thank you. I really enjoyed this course. It opened my eyes to new ideas regarding the authorship of the plays we know as Shakespeares. Ultimately, it left me wanting to find out more, and to keep an open mind when considering all aspects of this fascinating topic. I started this with very little knowledge, as a by default Stratfordian. I'm now curious to read more evidence on all sides. That's great! Thank you Ros for your enthusiasm, and for this course.

교육 기관: Ivy A D S

Aug 18, 2019

What I learnt most was the art of approaching any topic of study with an open mind rather than with presets. It helps open up a world of possibilities and endless discoveries for me the perpetual learner.

교육 기관: Carmen m S

Sep 05, 2019

The course was fantastic! I did this not really knowing what I was getting into, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I cannot wait to start another course.

교육 기관: Geoff W

Feb 25, 2018

This being my first course I'm reluctant to award 5 stars. Perhaps I would have if I had completed others to compare it with. I found it well structured and remained focussed on the central questions, most significant lines of argument and most relevant evidence. Being a somewhat 'controversial' topic it was pleasing to see a preamble that both acknowledged this fact and provided helpful information and suggestions as to how best to approach such a topic, even in a climate of 'internet trolling' and the like. Thanks for all your hard work, Ros Barber in in particular of course.

교육 기관: Margaret S

Mar 26, 2018

I greatly enjoyed the course and found it quite informative. Dr. Barber’s open attitude encouraged us to reflect and ask questions of both the evidence and ourselves. Me only bémol is the forum, which at times was very contentious, people with an agenda fir disruption, people who wanred only to push their rather already cemented ideas. For this reason I didn’t participate much in the forums. But still, I am quite pleased with the course.


교육 기관: John B

Mar 09, 2018

Excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved Dr. Barber's presentation and especially the discussion interviews. I have been interested in the authorship question for many years and was very happy to see it given such a presentation. I have long thought that the actual facts of the authorship should be taught in schools rather than the assumptions that have built up around the lack of factual evidence.

교육 기관: Toni P

Mar 25, 2018

This course provided some excellent, detailed material for exploring various aspects of the Shakespeare authorship question. I especially enjoyed the content of the interviews with Mark Rylance, Greg Thompson and William Leahy, partly because, on a mooc there needs to be a human dimension, but mostly because they gave thought-provoking into this issue from their own specialist and knowledgeable perspectives.

I understand why it was not possible to include material on other candidates, and internal evidence from the texts, on this course but I feel that it is difficult to avoid these two key aspects of the debate. It would be great if the University of London provided further courses in these two areas, linked to this one.

It is always good to get to know your fellow participants on the programme, and I enjoyed conversing with a number of individuals on the threads on various aspects of the SAQ. However, it was noticeable that only a small number of participants took part in these discussions. It would be worth thinking through whether there might be a better way of bringing participants together in a way which encourages everyone to exchange views and ideas, rather than just a dedicated few.

Ros Barber managed the course very well, dealing with problems effectively, and presenting the evidence in an engaging and well-conceived way. The only issue I had with the content of the course was the use of quizzes to test the memory,, and the fact that this was mainly on information which tended to be favour a non-Stratfordian perspective. I didn't feel that this was a very effective way for me to test my own critical thinking on the various matters discussed, although I understand that it would be difficult for the small team involved to deal with written material from participants.

교육 기관: Joy S

Jun 10, 2018

Lots of detailed info about the evidence for and against.