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This Course will clarify the definition and meaning of Social Entrepreneurship and will focus on the need to learn about the source and root of a social problem. You will be introduced to different perspectives about Social Entrepreneurship and you will learn about complementary and opportunistic assets which will help you to detect an opportunity and develop an idea of how to create a business for social change. From a practical perspective you will be asked to initiate a team formation process and start to think about a problem topic that you want to address with your social venture in the future. You will work in a team to research this topic and will gradually start to think about a particular opportunity and identify a purpose for your social venture project....

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Apr 18, 2017

As a business management student with a strong interest in this matter, I found the course really useful for those who are rather begginers in this subject.


Mar 05, 2018

one of the most helpful courses and the main instructor's way of explanantion is brilliant.\n\nThank you Copenhagen Business School

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Identifying Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities의 36개 리뷰 중 1~25


Jul 11, 2019


교육 기관: Madina S

Apr 30, 2019

Great so far

교육 기관: Vivian L D

Mar 10, 2019

A very well-structured course introducing learners to concepts of social entrpreneurship. I love the idea of being able to collaborate with peers from around the world to discuss what problems to be solved and what the potential solutions may be. Peer-review mechanism also gives us the opportunity to learn from our peers or even expand the ideas further. Excellent job to the team at Copenhagen Business School!

교육 기관: MOHAMED A A M

Sep 25, 2018

it was great course , am so grateful for coursera and Copenhagen Business School

교육 기관: Ioannis B

Jun 14, 2018

Working in groups never really worked out during this course. Grading of the submission by peers is also somewhat problematic as most of them they do not invest the time to ponder and provide valuable feedback on the assignments. Videos were nice, some readings interesting as well. It would be nicer if all readings were freely available.

교육 기관: Ahmed E G

Mar 05, 2018

one of the most helpful courses and the main instructor's way of explanantion is brilliant.

Thank you Copenhagen Business School

교육 기관: Ifeanyi E K

Feb 25, 2018

Great course to undertake. Well beyond theories, really practical oriented.

교육 기관: Lorena P

Feb 05, 2018

Excellent Course!!

교육 기관: Zhou S

Jan 30, 2018

Didn't receive much feedback from course mates and most of the videos were European examples that i felt were applicable in my context

교육 기관: Muhammad O A

Dec 22, 2017

Enjoyed learniang. Lectures and assignments were helpful. Reading material could be more relevant and varied. some links could not provide free access. Thanks

교육 기관: Mathias K

Nov 23, 2017

Super relevant and highly professional

교육 기관: Christine K

Oct 24, 2017

Excellent introduction into thinking about and starting a SE!

교육 기관: sana k

Oct 09, 2017

Very good structure and interesting case studies.

교육 기관: Tony S

Oct 08, 2017

The course could be organized better. There is no internal means of communicating with fellow students, which is a required activity in the course. During the group formation process, many people had difficulty joining others, and expressed frustration in the forum and offline. After several hours of researching, (sometimes) finding, and communicating with my fellow students, I ended up forming a group outside of Coursera, since the group formation process was so clumsy.

The content focuses too much on Business school rhetoric regarding old and emerging definitions of what constitutes a Social Enterprise. This is totally fine for introductory purposes, but this kind of research is included through several weeks of learning, and isn't productive in later weeks.

The peer-review grading process needs some work. The course assignments are cumulative in nature, but the grading is individualized. The students submit an exercise which develops the concept for each week, and the assignments build up, one after the other, toward developing the overall idea. But the grading is based on individual weekly assignments, and we didn't always have the larger picture of the concept, visible in earlier and later assignments, when we were doing our peer reviews.

교육 기관: jon l

Sep 24, 2017

I think the overall concept of the course is excellent, and instruction/interviews are well done. Wish that you could contribute and provide feedback on submissions without having to purchase.

교육 기관: Ivette P C P

Sep 04, 2017

Great course to have the bases to identify opportunities for social entrepreneurship. And also to meet people that have the same interests that you have.

교육 기관: Aminata S

Sep 01, 2017

Good course. A bit unorganized in terms of online forums but the material is quite informative and relevant. Inspiring.

교육 기관: Hardik S

Aug 22, 2017

Sometimes slow

교육 기관: nathalie c

Jun 21, 2017

I enjoy videos and the reflexions about social entrepreneurship.

교육 기관: Gabriela M B

May 29, 2017

Probably the best course I've taken in Coursera, or at least, almost this.

교육 기관: Susana C M

May 22, 2017

Very interesting and challenging. Videos and rest of material provided is very appropriate, it´s not boring or unnecessary.

Interaction with your course mates is key, you get to know very inspiring people and their ideas or comments on yours are definitely very helpful. I'd definitely recommend it and no doubt I will follow on with the next course of this same program.

교육 기관: Jonathan M

May 01, 2017

This course started out with an ambitious goal for a MOOC in forming groups to work collaboratively on a social enterprise project. I found the level of interaction in the group forming forum underwhelming and immediately lost interest due to concerns that the level of interaction would only continue to diminish as the course went on. I still made an attempt to watch the course content, but found the instructor speaking more about what he planned to cover rather than actually covering anything of substance. Two stars for quality video production. Aside from that, I was unable to find much value.

교육 기관: Alicia C S

Apr 18, 2017

As a business management student with a strong interest in this matter, I found the course really useful for those who are rather begginers in this subject.

교육 기관: Zita P

Mar 25, 2017

I am very thankful for this course, as I am at the beggining of starting my own Sociale Enterprise. It made it possible for me to see the social problem as a whole and not focused only on the business idea that I had already in my mind. So eventually, my idea got even better, thanks to the learnings and exercises from this MOOC. I am looking forward to learn more in the follwing courses of this specialisation. I am sure its gonna be a remarkable added value to my venture! And finally thanks very much for the many many precious optional readings! Good luck to everyone else who wishes to start a Social Enterprise. I highly recomand this course!

교육 기관: Damun M

Mar 15, 2017

Wish that there would be more insight in social entrepreneurial opportunities

Difficult to find a group and have a platform for discussion. The discussion forum does not work as intended. There is too much noise.

They course instructors should provide more information to begin with that it is essential to watch the videos and read the course material almost before the new week starts because of the fact that groups needs to be created and discussions and research with teammates have to be coordinated. It all seems rushed and not rewarding.

I do not think that my outcome of this course has been significant because of the structure of the course and I regret that I have paid for all 3 courses.