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Risk Analysis, Assessment, and Prioritization looks at how you can manage conflicts at system levels, but it can also be applied to lower level assessments. How do you manage and document conflict, along with alternatives? In analyzing alternatives, you must consider risks. In this course, we'll look into how to analyze risk, evaluate risk, document risks, and use this information for prioritization of requirements. Qualitative and Quantitative approaches will be covered....
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교육 기관: Shakil

Jun 07, 2019

it was nice

교육 기관: Maria G C

Dec 03, 2018

The professor isn't didactic at all. She is messy, comes and goes and many times you miss the point of the video. The slides are poor; I really think that at an online course, she should focuse very much on doing great slides, because that's almost our online study material. Also, if we don't have the chance to make questions in person, she should make an extra effort to be herself clear and make documents complete and understandable; these are neither of them. The estimate hours of the course are ridiculous; before enrolling, and also on the certificate, it says 1-2 hours a week, and then she gives two papers that are estimates on 3,5 hours both on the same week! That without counting the videos, the quiz, etc. And every week is like that. A total liar. Honestly, I've just finished the course because I started it, but I think is really bad.