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캘리포니아 대학교 데이비스 캠퍼스의 Spanish Vocabulary: Sports, Travel, and the Home 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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Ready for the big game? Building on the vocabulary and skills that you have already mastered, this third course of the specialization will introduce new vocabulary that will prepare you to discuss sports, pastimes and politics -- important cultural elements of the Spanish-speaking world. You’ll also add new vocabulary relating to travel and living arrangements. This course also introduces the progressive tense and past tense and you will add to your vocabulary of helping verbs....

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2020년 11월 16일

This course is amazing and provide such a great view onto this language. I am very happy with it and hope to continue learning and recommend it to some of my friends.


2020년 8월 22일

I have learnt a lot. Dr. Robert Blake is really a gem. Whatever he taught, it is authentic and really helps develop and understand the concepts.

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Spanish Vocabulary: Sports, Travel, and the Home의 51개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Diem T H N B

2018년 5월 10일

I really enjoy this course. The pace and the level is perfect. The course is well-structured and learning curve goes up up up...

교육 기관: Luca B

2020년 4월 14일

In every week course, the exercise about the vocabulary is always referring to the grammatic part we would learn after.

Maybe it could be better to switch those exercises.

교육 기관: Bryan C

2018년 3월 13일

Generally speaking I think the course content is good, but I rated this course average because of three main reasons.

1). I think a little more effort to organize the material would go a long way. For example, the grammar presentations refer to new vocabulary words that were not introduced in the vocabulary list, and the vocabulary exams refer to content in the grammar section. It would be nice if the curriculum were designed so that you could study the vocabulary, take the vocabulary exam, then review the grammar and leverage what you learned in the vocabulary section to re-enforce your learning.

2). I also think that some of the topics deserve additional clarifications, and the presentations themselves are very short. I appreciate the length of the presentations when reviewing the presentations to refresh my memory, but difficult concepts sometimes require more attention than they are given. In some cases, it seems as though an elegant choice of words to describe a difficult concept is more important than taking the time to deconstruct that concept into simple phrases.

3). Lastly, there are errors in the presentations and exams, and little to no involvement from the professor to clarify points and/or correct those issues. I have noticed comments from students who have reported the same issues for the past two years, and those issues are still not corrected. I used to comment on the message boards for clarifications and to report errors, but after getting zero responses from the professor I stopped participating.


Overall, I think it's a good course - it provides a good structure for learning the Spanish language despite the above shortcomings. Although they appear very simple to address, I see the same shortcomings exhibited by every course in the series.

교육 기관: Tamila G

2018년 9월 27일

I haven’t seen any moderators here. Your questions will go unanswered for weeks. You can check in forums. You will end up with ONLY one review for your Module work and not TWO as indicated. I’ve ended up in this situation twice and had to reset deadlines now the 3rd time :( which of course stretches time..

Reviewer’s (singular in my case) feedback was released just hours before the course is closed so there is no resubmission!

UC Davis, come onnnnnn!

교육 기관: Akhilesh V P

2020년 7월 19일

It was a great experience having this course. I've began learning Spanish 2 months back and after the completion of this 3rd course I'm confident about speaking and writing Spanish till a certain extent. It covers a lot of Spanish vocabulary along with a proper and we'll suited grammar part. Having a quite no. of cognates between English and Spanish, makes it easier to move forward. One of the finest Spanish course......Do take!!!!

교육 기관: Evelyne W

2020년 11월 17일

This course is amazing and provide such a great view onto this language. I am very happy with it and hope to continue learning and recommend it to some of my friends.

교육 기관: Hitendra K

2020년 8월 23일

I have learnt a lot. Dr. Robert Blake is really a gem. Whatever he taught, it is authentic and really helps develop and understand the concepts.

교육 기관: Ahmad G

2019년 5월 2일

Realmente aprendi un monton. ma alla de mis expectativas. Pero tengo mucho que studiar. Como dijo el Dr. Blake tengo que revisar diez veces.

교육 기관: Keishia P

2020년 11월 19일

Challenging but amazing, the step by step process in ensuring you understand the lesson plus the feedback given.

교육 기관: K. S

2020년 11월 17일

This is a challenging class, but well organized and presented. I'm looking forward to the next part.

교육 기관: Ayoub T

2020년 8월 24일

Don't hesitate to get this course, is very helpful to develop your grammar and your vocabularies.

교육 기관: Ana P

2018년 3월 13일

Thank you so much to my instructor for instructing Ana Pelayo.

Thank you, Ana Pelayo.

교육 기관: Ajay K S

2020년 11월 5일

Less time to learn a language.

Very nice way of teaching. Thanks

교육 기관: Raimundo I U R

2018년 8월 16일

I love the course and the Syllabus is very interesting too.

교육 기관: Madhu K S

2020년 7월 7일

Nice course. I like the three week format. Muchos gracias.

교육 기관: Reem A G

2020년 10월 6일

It was a perfect course thank you so much Dr. Davis

교육 기관: RANEEM A

2020년 5월 29일

thank you so much dr.Robert blake

for your efforts

교육 기관: Nirvana M

2021년 2월 3일

hard week 3 cancel it now not let me thank you


2020년 10월 10일


교육 기관: NUR T

2020년 10월 14일

Very useful and as interactive as can be.

교육 기관: Murat Y

2021년 2월 7일

very informative and challenging course

교육 기관: Duaa

2019년 10월 25일

This course was very useful and amazing

교육 기관: Yulia V G

2021년 1월 25일

Gracias. El curso esta muy de uso!

교육 기관: Mikheil B

2019년 3월 7일

Excellent course! Great teacher!

교육 기관: Gabriel M G

2019년 6월 27일

Concise without being precise.