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How do different types of investors think about an investment opportunity? What kind of securities and contracts do they offer? How should a company decide what is a "good deal"? This course is designed to introduce you to the challenges and pitfalls of financing new enterprises. You will learn the basic tools for valuating companies, including using discounted cashflow analysis in Excel and understanding how to apply this model to your entrepreneurial venture. You will then learn how valuation works with different types of securities that investors use to finance startups, from bank loans to venture capital to angel investing....

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2020년 4월 30일

The best ever online course one could find. It is worth every single minute spent. Thank you so much for offering this course. And really so happy to complete this course. Much love to the professor.

2021년 3월 2일

Learned lots of new valuation techniques, it was well crafted and smoothly presented by the professors. The tests were also in line with the course and very helpful in understanding the concepts.

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교육 기관: Catherine O

2021년 5월 7일

Great insights

교육 기관: Daniel N O

2020년 10월 10일

I learnt a lot

교육 기관: Michael K

2020년 10월 11일

Great course

교육 기관: Joseph e

2020년 4월 14일

great course

교육 기관: HONG L C

2020년 10월 18일

very good

교육 기관: Victor A D d S

2020년 7월 8일


교육 기관: ananda

2021년 5월 13일

VC valuation methods, financing mechanisms, capital providers and security analysis is fairly unique as far as valuation content goes. The course covers a lot of ground at a high level. The lectures manage to be brief yet informative. That said, there is some room for improvement. For instance, (perhaps because of brevity) the presentation slides gloss over some of the calculations required to build to the correct final solution of a given problem. You either have to know the "missing" steps in advance, reverse engineer them (in excel) or search out for help in the discussion forum. There are also inconsistencies in the significant figures used in the calculations in the slides and the corresponding lecture video content that can cause learners doubt as to the accuracy of their calculations (e.g. Week 3 option pool slides). Here again, you have to go into the discussion forum to confirm this is the case. Lastly, relating to the graded quizzes: this course gives you one chance to pass every 24 hours. This compares to the typical three attempts per 24 hours in most other Coursera courses. Given that these tests typically contain several multistep computational problems (often solved with help of Excel in my case), learners might easily lose momentum if they fail and have to wait 24 hours to work through and/or fix their problems. Though I didn't fail any of the time restricted tests, there were some problems I got wrong and didn't bother to retest where I would have if say I only was timed out for say a few hours. Net/net super helpful course that can be more user friendly with some minor tweaks!

교육 기관: Stewart C

2020년 3월 11일

Very great course overall. Some of the lectures could use a bit more detail to avoid confusion. It would also be nice if there were solutions to the practice questions at the end of some of the videos. The week 3 quiz is finicky. For example, putting commas in a the answer for a value in the millions is counted as incorrect, but the exact same number is counted correct without the commas. Despite these issues, I am extremely glad I took this course. This subject is fascinating, and I look forward to the content provided by the subsequent courses in this specialization.

교육 기관: Zenka A C & T

2021년 10월 26일

Muy bueno, aunque a veces un tanto confuso, sobre todo en las preguntas de criterio; que se vieran más problemas numéricos resueltos y una definición mas concreta de todos los Términos Financieros. En general considero que es de mucha utilidad para los que no hemos estudiado carreras de Administración. La traducción al Español requiere de un poco de correcciones. pero en general es de mucha ayuda. Finalmente se debería tener un índice claro del alcance del curso y un resumen de Fórmulas Financieras.

교육 기관: Omar S

2021년 11월 7일

It's a great course in terms of giving any whose interested in the basics & slightly more technical aspects of VC, startup valuation and financial modelling. I would suggest that candidates give it 2-3 revisions before attempting quizzes as they can get tricky! Overall great course! To some of the lecturers, i would suggest they be revised, specifically for Week 3 & Week 4 as I found the lecturers to rush a little too fast past the more technical topics.

교육 기관: Jamie F

2020년 11월 24일

Really enjoyed the material in this course - both professors do a great job of conveying the material. The only suggestion for improvement is that the graded quizzes don't offer explanation for why answers are correct or wrong - due to not being able to see the intuition behind an answer after successfully passing a quiz, I felt my understanding of the material was not reinforced as well as it could have been. Otherwise, great course.

교육 기관: Marieke A W

2020년 1월 23일

Excellent course for people with limited math skills or little experience with startup valuation methods. The professors speak clearly, so they are easy to understand. Some formulas are not explained in detail, which means some quiz exercises are difficult to make. I had to search on Google for a more in-depth explanation of some valuation methods. That's a pity. However, I'm very glad I took this course. Thank you very much!

교육 기관: Sourabh S N

2020년 7월 5일

Certain Concepts could be explained more clearly by walking through the calculations. Specifically to Week 3 - Option Pool. Self learning lead to Cap-Table method which is much easier way to calculate and understand option pools, but then numeric answers don't match. Walking through and example and clearly specifying the assumptions will be helpful.

교육 기관: Tadashi T

2020년 6월 7일

Un gran curso, sin duda aprendes mucho sobre VC, Ángeles y cómo valorizar el curso. Las semanas 3 y 4 eso sí no tienen la calidad de la 1 y 2. No porque la materia sea mala, sino que no están tan bien explicadas las respuestas y estoy casi seguro que una de las preguntas en los tests es errónea. Sin embargo, vale totalmente la pena este curso.

교육 기관: Khyzar D

2021년 8월 4일

Thank you to the instructors for their efforts. Being an FP&A professional, I have practical experience of this and I believe it is a well designed course and feel more knowledgeable now but I also observed that few technical concepts and calculation were not explained in much detail, which can be added and improved.

교육 기관: Billriz C

2021년 2월 10일

Would have given a 5 star but: (1) discussions can be sometimes monotonous and hard to visualize, (2) one topic (Option Pool) had its video cut which was an important part for the graded quiz, (3) flashing a formula on a screen for a discussion without any guide like a marker animation is ineffective


2020년 8월 9일

The faculty teachers are engaging and the pedagogy used makes the course easy to understand. The content of the course is also up to mark. However, it would be even more enlightening if a deeper dive into the valuation of startups would have been provided.

교육 기관: Doan T P

2021년 6월 12일

The course is very good and insightful. I have learnt a lot from the course. However, I hope that there will be solutions for all excercise in the lectures so that I can check my errors. But overall, I really enjoy the course.

교육 기관: AAYUSH N

2020년 7월 27일

3.5 to 4 stars are good for this course. The content was satisfying how slides used can be more interactive. Sometimes I had to watch the videos twice to actually get what the instructors are saying. But the course was good.

교육 기관: Ardilla A

2020년 4월 17일

Excellent course! The only downside is I find the second part of this course is a little bit hard and confusing to follow through, therefore I have to repeat the lecture multiple times to understand the material.

교육 기관: PrashanthKumar

2020년 3월 24일

Really good course design. However, the examples on week 3 could use some more explanation and clear presentation. There should be a follow up on the questions with solution explanation to simplify the concepts.

교육 기관: Rene L

2020년 4월 18일

NIce Content, well presented. Sometime I wish a bit more details on the calculation and a review on some of the examples given at the end of a week. But a good start for anyone interested in this topic.

교육 기관: Zhan W G

2021년 12월 4일

The instructor communicated the concepts well. However, there is a number of mistakes for the Quiz in Week3. Revisit them and ensure that the answers are provided are accurate, please.

교육 기관: Paula N N

2020년 12월 5일

The first part from Manuel amazin. The second one is not clear, and I had to access a lot the forum for specifics doubts that were not clear during the lessons. Need to improve a lot.

교육 기관: Julia L

2022년 1월 18일

Information was useful, but wish the professors walked through the examples (showed the math on the slide). The math was hard to follow along in the 2nd half of the course!