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Statistics with R Capstone, 듀크대학교

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About this Course

The capstone project will be an analysis using R that answers a specific scientific/business question provided by the course team. A large and complex dataset will be provided to learners and the analysis will require the application of a variety of methods and techniques introduced in the previous courses, including exploratory data analysis through data visualization and numerical summaries, statistical inference, and modeling as well as interpretations of these results in the context of the data and the research question. The analysis will implement both frequentist and Bayesian techniques and discuss in context of the data how these two approaches are similar and different, and what these differences mean for conclusions that can be drawn from the data. A sampling of the final projects will be featured on the Duke Statistical Science department website. Note: Only learners who have passed the four previous courses in the specialization are eligible to take the Capstone....

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대학: JN

Mar 24, 2017

I think this is a very advisable course as a whole, The capstone offers a good occasion to put into practice what has been learned during the four previous courses and also works as a sort of review.

대학: AC

Jul 13, 2017

Great course, learned a lot and got me started on another project that I've turned into a really nice portfolio item. I feel much more comfortable with R and statistics principles.

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대학: Louis Stanley

Jan 22, 2019

This Capstone has giving me a good understanding of statistic's, and the role this discipline plays in the real world. A special thanks to Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel I feel that she does an amazing job communicating the concepts.

대학: Chin Jia Lin

Sep 03, 2018

A very useful and practical course. The learner had an opportunity to practice the skills he/she learned in the previous course and use it in a real-life situation.

대학: Janio Alexander Martinez

Aug 15, 2018

I will recommend to give the information about the projects even if the proect starts in September 10th so we could advance while enrollment opens up.


Jul 10, 2018


대학: Matthew Levie

May 14, 2018

Sometimes capstone courses are focused just on a final project. In this case, the capstone also includes quizzes which force you to review material that will be helpful in doing the final project. Overall, I would say that I felt a little behind compared to my peers in this specialization, since I started from zero; but on the other hand, I was still able to successfully complete it, so with a lot of hard work it is possible.

대학: Jim Flynn

Apr 06, 2018

Loved this course

대학: Arjun Bajaj

Feb 22, 2018

Strong Capstone Project

대학: Roland

Feb 02, 2018

Excellent course

대학: Bruce Hoppe

Dec 06, 2017

This project will reward you for the time you invest. It's a good simulation of a real-world exercise in using concepts from the specialization. The reason I took away one star is because the grading rubrics at every step are relatively superficial, sometimes absurdly superficial.

대학: Jian Wei Tan

Dec 04, 2017

The capstone project is an excellent way to utilise the skills and knowledge learnt from the previous 4 courses in the specialisation. I learnt a lot about conducting a data science project from start to finish and it allows for ample time to experiment with different approaches to accomplish the project goals. This capstone project, and the 5-course specialisation, is highly recommended.