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This course will provide a detailed overview of a Strategic Sourcing Process (7 step Process): Profile the Category, Develop a Category Sourcing Strategy, Generate Supplier Profile, Choose Competitive Selection or Supplier Development, Select Supplier(s) and Negotiate, Implement, Continuous Improvement/Supplier Relationship Management This course learnings will be supported videos, readings a a required case with peer review....

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교육 기관: deepu

May 22, 2020

Great course. Don Klock was straight to the point and informative. Excercises were terrific. One suggestion is to prescribe some standard textbooks for various topics discussed.

교육 기관: Md E M

May 27, 2020

This course was well organized, clear and concise

교육 기관: Andrea

Jun 04, 2020

Provides a solid framework for sourcing.


Jul 15, 2020

Excellent & Looking Forward

교육 기관: Geraldina M

Jun 30, 2020

The course is really helpful. it gives you the basic knowledge of strategic sourcing. But as note, I think it would be better if provided some books references

교육 기관: Lize

Jul 19, 2020

Upload options not clear or related to what is asked for