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Strategy and Sustainability, 이에세 경영대학원

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About this Course

Business and environmental sustainability are not natural bedfellows. Business is about making money. Sustainability is about protecting the planet. Business is measured in months and quarters. Sustainability often requires significant short term costs to secure a sometimes uncertain long-term benefit. To some activists, all executives are exploitative, selfish one percenters. To some executives, all activists are irresponsible, unyielding extremists. And yet engaging with the issue isn’t optional – all businesses must have a strategy to deal with sustainability and, like any strategy, this involves making choices. This Strategy and Sustainability course based on Rosenberg's recently published book by Palgrave ( that encourages learners to filter out the noise and make those choices in a hard-nosed and clear-eyed way. Prof. Rosenberg’s nuanced and fact-based point of view recognizes the complexity of the issues at hand and the strategic choices businesses must make. He blends the work of some of the leading academic thinkers in the field with practical examples from a variety of business sectors and geographies and offers a framework with which senior management might engage with the topic, not (just) to save the planet but to fulfill their short, medium and long-term responsibilities to shareholders and other stakeholders. This course promises to be both engaging and thought-provoking, aimed at anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of a subject that is no longer perceived as a choice but a necessity for future managers and business leaders alike....

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대학: SP

Feb 02, 2018

Really well put together course material. Mike Rosenberg is a great expert to listen to and his course is very easy to follow, and very comprehensive. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

대학: VA

Oct 10, 2017

This course has showed the basic framework of strategy and sustainability very well. The peer assignment also very interesting. Overall, I really enjoyed the course.

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37개의 리뷰

대학: Scott Podvin

Apr 25, 2019

This course was terrific and i highly recommend it.

대학: griselda castillo noguera

Apr 22, 2019

muy buen curso donde se establecen las bases de la estrategia para hacer de la sustantabilidad un bien rentable

대학: Dean Blumetti

Apr 09, 2019

Excellent instructor, great pace, clear quizzes. Good content flow, and use of visuals to solidify main points.


Mar 22, 2019


대학: Anne Valentina Bourbon

Mar 10, 2019

The content of the course is fine, but the way this last assignment works (Peer-grade) IS TERRIBLE!... I have been really frustrated I started this course submitted two different assignments and never passed, I re-enrolled recently, so meaning I have paid twice for this course, submitted a new essay and yet have not been able to pass. There is no way to contact with the teachers of the course and honestly I don't think it should be left on the hands of other people than the ones to provide the course to qualify the last assignment which is the one that defines if you pass the whole program or not.

Coursera also has not available email to reply for inquiries like this one, if you want an answer from them they just put you through an endless cycle of reading small articles regarding possible ways to improve your exposure of this type of assignments. Without ever giving you a proper answer or a direct channel to talk to them. Which makes me think this is quiet shady and they must receive lots of complains so their strategy is to hide.

대학: Shivendra singh Baghel

Feb 01, 2019

good learning aspect to learn and know the strategy & sustainability of different business across different areas

대학: Ravi Varanasi

Feb 01, 2019

Prof.Mike Rosenberg was so simple and effective in his style of teaching. He makes it personal and prods the students to think of their own real life situations, which I believe is the secret to learning. I have seen many Professors focus on study material but Prof.Rosenberg's focus was learning material. Thank you Sir.

대학: Julia Alvarez

Jan 04, 2019

I really enjoyed this course, especially because it made me see that its hard -but not impossible- to combine a business strategy with the environment, but it is possible to take steps little by little. The examples and the material were great.

대학: Joseph Abrukwe

Oct 31, 2018

i enjoyed till the end and the peer-to-peer assessment topped off the amazing brain exercise

대학: Nikki mehta

Aug 28, 2018

It's a good beginner's course to get an introduction to sustainability.. It's a gives a brief overview of the sustainability market, it's verticals, and challenges.