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The Age of Sustainable Development" gives students an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development - that is, economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable....

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2020년 6월 1일

Very informative and detailed. Prof. Sachs covers all aspects of sustainable development in detail. Though the course was designed in 2013 hence does not cover the latest development to SDGs to date.

2017년 5월 18일

This course was perfect for those wanting to explore the world of development, broad enough to include all interlinked themes, with sufficient reading materials to spark one's specializing interests.

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교육 기관: Tedros H

2018년 3월 22일

I learned a lot and the course was exciting. However I was disappointed to find out that after 13 weeks of studying there is no certificate, Yup, you have nothing to show for. Some of the links used in quizzes do not work, i.e. one could lose points. While the course is very good, it seems no one bothered to verify or update

교육 기관: Sarah A

2016년 5월 8일

Sachs is doing valuable work and I like the premise of the course very much. The videos seemed to present a lot of painfully obvious information, however, and I'm afraid they were not terribly engaging. Maybe just too much/too long? A shorter version of the course that digs in a little deeper somehow might be more alluring.

교육 기관: Eduardo L G

2018년 8월 25일

It gives a well based numeric approach to sustainable development, but fails to approach some subjects from an ethical point of view. At some time, Prof. Sachs points out a few numeric indicators that favor economic development, but when talking about reaching these numbers, he offers more than debatable ways.

교육 기관: Winnie H

2020년 6월 26일

The course content is interesting to learn and substantial. However the "assignments" or "quizzes" are not updated and asks for information from links that no longer exist. Some of the information is dated, but overall, provides a through foundation for someone interested in sustainable development.

교육 기관: Maximiliano O

2020년 6월 8일

Content is great, but the course needs some major updating. Lots of problems with quizzes and broken links or information that has changed over time (there's a lot of help from mentors and other students regarding this, but it's still a problem). Also, the course does not offer a certificate.

교육 기관: Klara J G

2018년 6월 22일

A bit out of date, should be updated with the adopted SDGsA bit prescriptive, could include more debates and perspectives, for example the solutions presented regarding food systems could include discussions about reducing meat consumption and increasing plant based protein production etc

교육 기관: Alexander H R

2017년 3월 21일

Professor was quite knowledgeable, and covered a breadth of topics. However, he often presented his political opinion as scientific fact. The quizzes/tests were also based on regurgitation of data/knowledge, rather than higher-order thinking such as application or synthesis

교육 기관: Anna L Z

2019년 9월 17일

The course is really interesting and covers all basic topics in sustainable development. However the course material and data is outdated from 5 years ago. As sustainability is crucial and changing so fast these days, important discussions are missing.

교육 기관: Macson A

2020년 5월 24일

Course content, especially the maps and data referred to in the tests are outdated. Otherwise, this is an excellent course for anyone to understand the theory behind sustainable development and the major global issues associated with achieving it.

교육 기관: Márton D S

2016년 9월 23일

started quite good, but slow videos and the last quiz was about just numbers. it is good to know what are the measurements, but if we won't teach about that too, the more concrete informations and not numbers would be more informative and useful.

교육 기관: L.G. Y

2020년 11월 6일

Although the course was very interesting. sadly it has not been updated apparently so a number of links shown not functioning. often unable to complete the quiz so have to spend lots extra time finding resources required

교육 기관: Horacio N T

2015년 9월 29일

Información de suma importancia para el aprendizaje, recomendaría traducir las pruebas y sub titular las presentaciones; des afortunadamente solo algunos de los vídeos cuentan con sub títulos en español.

교육 기관: Katharina B

2019년 7월 21일

Great content wise but many source links are outdated and websites have changed! Especially for quizzes and the final exam some sources were thus not adequately available. Recommend updating these :)

교육 기관: D. Y Y d S

2020년 10월 5일

This course not updated and leaves out a lot of developments from 2020. Overall good course to get a general idea of what SD is. Like, let's talk about SDGs and less of MDGs ?

교육 기관: Maxton P

2020년 8월 17일

Excellent content and lecturer, however the links are in bad need of an audit as they effect the outcome of exams as they are either out of date or no longer work.

교육 기관: Anna W

2020년 7월 3일

loved the professor but most of the links on the quizzes are outdated and the forums are often not helpful. needs to be updated completely

교육 기관: José I M E

2019년 4월 28일

Hi, I loved this course. However I'm a bit surprised that didn't got a certificate for doing it. That's why I didn't put 5 stars.

교육 기관: Jack H G

2017년 3월 30일

Some of the links are no longer functioning and thus, gaining access to exact information for the past (2013) is not possible.

교육 기관: Nikolaos G

2018년 9월 2일

If this course there still be on coursera why there isn't certificate.

It is unbelievable that you don't have certificate.

교육 기관: Salam A

2018년 5월 30일

The course is too long. Videos are also too long and are not so interactive so students could get bored.

교육 기관: Kate M

2017년 3월 26일

Great course but content and quizzes need updating. Certificate would be nice.

교육 기관: Ian M

2017년 10월 5일

Some of the information is very outdated and some is no longer available

교육 기관: simge s

2020년 9월 20일

some of the referred data are not applicable anymore

교육 기관: Deleted A

2020년 7월 3일

too theoretical

교육 기관: Sorav M

2020년 9월 1일

Indeed an important subject that needs to be further discussed and brought to the frontlines of our global economic policies and development. This course provides an outline however, only addresses one side of history with regards to industrial revolution, economic growth and poverty. Dealing with a topic like this should showcase all areas of the global community.