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Introduction to Swift Programming is the first course in a four part specialization series that will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to develop an iOS App from scratch. By the end of this first course you will be able to demonstrate intermediate application of programming in Swift, the powerful new programming language for iOS. Guided by best practices you will become proficient with syntax, object oriented principles, memory management, functional concepts and more in programming with Swift. This course is unique in its dedication to teaching Swift programming. With new features and capabilities you will be at the forefront of writing iOS apps. Currently this course is taught using Swift 2. The team is aware of the release of Swift 3 and will be making edits to the course in time. Please be aware that at this time the instruction is entirely with Swift 2. Please note that to take part in this course (and the full specialization) it is required to have a Mac computer and, though not required, ideally an iPhone, iPod, or an iPad. NOTE: This course has been designed and tested (and content delivered) on a Mac. While we are aware of hacks and workarounds for running Mac in a virtual machine on windows we do not recommended a PC. We hope you have fun on this new adventure....

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2016년 1월 13일

The course seemed to be very easy, I'd say even disappointingly easy, but then, when I started the final assignment, I realized that I was wrong. And it was so much fun developing filters.

2016년 1월 30일

This course, specifically the last week, really helps in gaining understanding of how the digital images are being processed on the back of a applications. Nice job tutors!

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교육 기관: Daniel H J

2016년 5월 8일

Enjoyed the lectures. I wish there would be more materials to practice with.

교육 기관: Deleted A

2016년 1월 25일

I'd like to have practice tasks during the course not only the final one

교육 기관: Guru P C S

2015년 12월 6일

Went in a slow pace. Enjoyed the modules, especially final assignment.

교육 기관: Simon G

2015년 10월 20일

This course really need examples in final assignment

교육 기관: Derlis Z

2017년 1월 15일

The contents are not updated to swift 3 and Xcode 8

교육 기관: RANE S M

2020년 5월 29일

it nice a nice course to learn swift programming

교육 기관: mahesh c

2018년 2월 5일

Update this course to xcode latest version.

교육 기관: José G M

2016년 3월 19일

El curso no está bien planeado ni explicado

교육 기관: Ilaria C

2016년 1월 21일

I didn't like very much the two teacher

교육 기관: Francesco M

2017년 3월 8일

Basic but interesting for novices.

교육 기관: Gummadavally S

2016년 2월 10일

Need allot of improvement

교육 기관: Chris L

2018년 5월 27일

materials are outdated

교육 기관: SAI R P

2020년 6월 9일

Not For a beginners.

교육 기관: Garish s

2016년 6월 18일

Covers the basics

교육 기관: Martin K

2016년 9월 17일

very basic

교육 기관: Siew W N

2016년 5월 10일

Having completed the assignment after many hours of trial & error; here are some suggestions for improving the class for future sessions.

Increase the length and depth of the lectures so that more of the materials needed for the assignment are covered.

For each week, have an optional programming exercise (not graded) but with a model answer (with explanations of why) so that students have a concrete example on which to practice key concepts on.

As classes & structs are very important to completing the assignment (instead of just including the SWIFT manual chapter on classes & structs in the Follow Up Reading), include an actual lecture about this topic.

Improve the description of the assignment to be completed. Be specific about what is required (e.g.; what does interface mean? Is is a User interface or is just a specified variable which can be changed in the program code? What do you mean by order of applying filters? Do you mean a variable which lets you decide order of filters and executes the filters accordingly or does the ability to manually rearranging the order of the calling of functions in the code suffice?)

Improve the alignment between the assignment and the review criteria. The assignment asks for FIVE filters but there is no matching criterion in the review criteria. Based on the current review criteria, creating two filters would suffice to demonstrate ability to order and get full points for varying intensity for more than 1 filter.

I hope the remainder of the modules are better otherwise I will be extremely disappointed !

교육 기관: Nick W

2015년 11월 3일

This course was little more than a haphazard, ambling preview of a tiny bit of Swift. There was some useful content in the class but the organization was poor and there was almost no evidence of course design or use of the teaching techniques I expected to see from a major university. The best section of the course was week 5, where they syntax of Objective-C and Swift were superficially compared. That section did give some clear opinions on why Swift should be chosen over Objective-C for new development. The other sections just contained too many confusing, unrehearsed diversions into esoteric topics to be of much use. I ended getting more out of the Apple documentation on Swift than I did from this class.

However, the instructors have received ample feedback of this nature and they do seem genuinely concerned with improving the course. Assuming that they will make major improvements for the next round and noting that Coursera's infrastructure is excellent, don't be scared to take the class. The email reminders from Coursera about assignments, etc... kept me on track and kept me in the class.

교육 기관: David A

2015년 11월 23일

I am sure if you are familiar with the content or an expert programmer looking for an overview of a new language then this would be perfect but you do need to understand swift before starting this introduction to swift.

The lessons felt very unstructured, unplanned and ad hoc almost like the people presenting didn't know they were being recorded, this meant that the examples given were contrived without consideration to the suitability to present the concept succinctly and would require anyone but an existing swift programmer needing to carry out additional reading which rather defeats the purpose of an "introduction to..." course.

A little scripting and lesson planning and preparation of content would have made the difference between this excellently produced and edited course being awkward and an effort to attend into a really useful reference for beginers of swift programming.

To summarise, the obviously expert technical knowledge of the speakers and the quality of the editing are let down by rushed lesson content.

교육 기관: Steve G

2015년 12월 28일

This course needs major improvement. Lectures included errors in the code. While showing code in video lectures instructor was quick to delete code, not giving time for students to view and understand what had just been shown.

On Dec 15, two weeks before due date of final project, large portions of all weeks of the course were changed, requiring going back through to complete these new lectures. No adjustment was made to the due date.

Requirements for the final project are vague and confusing and I am not able to submit the final project by the due date in about 2 hours. If this issue is not addressed I will need to consider adjusting my star rating.

This experience casts a negative impression for me on the Coursera platform and University of Toronto teaching staff.

I'm disappointed.

교육 기관: Burak K

2016년 1월 4일

The Good:

The idea of having the lectures in a Q&A style, two experts in continuous conversation about the topic has a potential

The Bad:

That potential is wasted on poorly planned lessons and course content

The Ugly:

Instructors run the Swift code that is written during the lesson and they get a wrong result due to an error in the code. They both agree that the result is weird but then continue to explain that this is how Swift works. In short, they are misleading and confusing you on a topic you are trying to learn.

This is of course unintentional but gives you a clue about how the quality check on lecture videos are taken care of. Details here:

교육 기관: Anthony Y

2016년 6월 9일



Modular based learning


Course needs more auto graded assignments.

Lack of feedback in discussion forums.

Assignment language is not very clear.

Overall I prefer this course to the android specialization but not for the reasons you may think. The android development platform is more or a less a mess compared to ios. Android studio feels more like a toy than a complete product. Emulation is slow and almost un-usuable with plenty of boilerplate code required to do simple events. Xcode by comparison is very smooth and easy to use. Swift syntax is also very clean compared to Java syntax. But is not without its grievances.

At the end of the day you will choose the platform you work best in.

교육 기관: Kristoffer H

2015년 10월 2일

The lectures for this course seem unorganized and often had poor audio. The content covered in many lectures seemed off topic. Quiz questions would then focus on the off topic information making it confusing with regard to what material to focus on during a lecture. Do I focus on the proposed subject of the video or the many tangents about other topics. This combined with the unorganized nature of videos(just winging it) made the lectures distracting. The lecture videos are full of code that simply does not work in the real world and help from staff takes literally days to get(and not just over the weekend).

교육 기관: Clare T

2017년 9월 14일

This course requires you to know a good deal of programming and is an introduction to a new language. I found the lessons did not clearly explain the material and the quiz at the end of each section/week was...just that a quiz, it would have been more helpful to have a micro-test to evaluate if you had digested the material.

The final test required advanced skills that had not been taught in the course. It is also possible that the test was relevant to the material, in which case it was very poorly worded.

교육 기관: Tamara B

2016년 6월 23일

Videos are poorly done and leave a lot of useful details out. There is zero support from staff in the forums. If you take this course, plan on spending a lot of time doing research on external sources in order to gain an understanding of the very broad and lacking in detail videos.

To improve this course, the instructors should:

-provide links to at least one textbook on Swift

-add Mentors to the course to help students in the forums

-include a repository of code snippets for practice of the concepts

교육 기관: Brian K

2015년 11월 1일

Not the worst, but I did not think this was a well developed course. It felt like an informal conversation between the instructors with one of them repeatedly calling different aspects of Swift "cool". It was very distracting. I also thought the tests were vaguely worded and the final assignment was long and definitely more than the 30 minutes it said it would take to complete it. I am all for difficult challenges, but it felt like the final project was badly designed/described. Un-enrolling.