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We will introduce methods to perform systematic reviews and meta-analysis of clinical trials. We will cover how to formulate an answerable research question, define inclusion and exclusion criteria, search for the evidence, extract data, assess the risk of bias in clinical trials, and perform a meta-analysis. Upon successfully completing this course, participants will be able to: - Describe the steps in conducting a systematic review - Develop an answerable question using the “Participants Interventions Comparisons Outcomes” (PICO) framework - Describe the process used to collect and extract data from reports of clinical trials - Describe methods to critically assess the risk of bias of clinical trials - Describe and interpret the results of meta-analyses...

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2019년 1월 7일

Although introductory, I do carry out reviews as a researcher. I Learned a lot to improve my systematic reviews through this course. High quality, though the music could be a little less intense.


2019년 8월 22일

Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis course is a very good source for beginners which provides an overview on fundamental terminology and steps involved in the systematic review.

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교육 기관: Kevin A

2017년 2월 12일

Incredible course! You learned a lot from these amazing professors. If you take this course you will know how to do a high quality systematic review and even a meta analysis and publish them.

교육 기관: Priya S

2021년 1월 14일

This course has added valuable insights to my existing understanding of systematic reviews. After completing this course, I feel more confident in my pursuit of conducting a systematic review.

교육 기관: Matthew J

2019년 1월 8일

Although introductory, I do carry out reviews as a researcher. I Learned a lot to improve my systematic reviews through this course. High quality, though the music could be a little less intense.

교육 기관: Ruth J

2019년 3월 4일

I have published two systematic reviews and this course provided a good foundation.

교육 기관: Ameera S A

2019년 7월 8일

This course is highly recommended for any beginners in understanding the systematic review and meta-analysis. This course offer flexible time to complete as participants can reset their timeline to complete the course according to their study or working schedule. Also, participants are being exposed to exercises and able to learn conducting peer-review assignments. The best thing about any course is the application on the theory based on the healthcare practice in our daily life. The course organizer may want to add more on the applied knowledge in the videos. Overall, this course has given me the opportunity to recognize my capacity of conducting systematic review in the future.

교육 기관: Chris C

2017년 8월 17일

I work in a practice environment where assessing the quality of evidence for interventions is becoming more critical from the perspective of resource allocation. This wonderful equips the user with the fundamental concepts and methods for conducting systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses. My only quibble, which is relatively small, is that the course is very clinically focused. For those of us working in public health, it would be useful to have non-clinical examples of interventions eg. physical activity, diet, and tobacco cessation. Otherwise, I couldn't recommend this course more to researchers and practitioners interested in answering the questions: what works; what works better based on resources? As a JHU alum,. I am proud of the quality and rigor of this course. Thank you!

교육 기관: Bruno A M P B

2016년 12월 8일

This is an excellent course provided by Johns Hopkins. It provides excellent lectures for the basic topics to design and interpret a systematic review, with or without quantitative synthesis (i.e., meta-analysis). I would like, though, to better understand other topics, such as network meta-analysis, trial sequential analysis and other methodologies potentially applicable to this important research tool.

교육 기관: Musa A M

2017년 1월 10일

After meta-analysing the topics of this course, the p value was found to be statistically significant. Overall, it was fantastic, thanks to the tutors who made it simple to digest. However, it could have been more crunchy if there were topics that explored (even if introductory) using a statististical software like Stata, ReVman, R etc to conduct a meta-analysis. Peace!!

교육 기관: P S

2019년 8월 23일

Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis course is a very good source for beginners which provides an overview on fundamental terminology and steps involved in the systematic review.

교육 기관: Rokiah

2019년 2월 27일

Cousera had provide me with comprehensive overview of systematic review and meta analysis. I learnt a lot. Thank you.

교육 기관: Yuri C

2018년 8월 15일

Great introduction!

교육 기관: KM

2018년 8월 21일

I would have liked to have learned more about generating forest plots, additional data visualizations of meta-analysis, and additional examples of meta-analysis....

The course talked about the PRISMA methods in achieving systematic reviews, is PRISMA a standard method in systematic reviews (e.g. universality) in structuring or are different entities then Cochrane achieving systematic reviews in different, yet, comparable PRISMA methods?

교육 기관: Youssef D

2019년 12월 26일

It was an amazing journey being engaged in such a comprehensive course. After finishing the course, I managed to engage a research group working on systematic reviews concerned about oncology. Moreover, I finished my first systematic review at that group; our systematic review has been sent already to British Journal of Anesthesia. I am greatly thankful for your efforts.


2018년 3월 31일

The knowledge and training provided during the course was exceptional. I learned this course with confidence that the lecturers were expert of this domain and helped in proficient manner to learn this course. I am certainly recommending this course to my colleagues and friends. Thanks Coursera and John hopkins university for the services provided.

교육 기관: Kusse K T

2017년 9월 23일

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the organizers of this courses from Johns Hopkins University and for the Coursera platform for making this courses possible. The course instructors are world class experts who share their experiences with out any reservation.

I have really enjoyed every piece of this course and have learned a lot. As it coincided with my thesis proposal work, it also helped me a lot in writing my masters proposal.

I would like to recommend this course for all with out any reservation.

Kusse Koirita(MD), MPH-IH Candidate at Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Belgium.

교육 기관: Duong N C K

2018년 7월 23일

This is the essential step to conduct a research. The course presents the foundamental principles in conducting systematic review and meta-analysis. Join and enjoy the boundless knowledge. <3

교육 기관: Alisha M

2020년 5월 15일

Very straightforward course. The only issue I found is the last lecture in week 5 suggests there is still more content to be learnt, but there isn't. Maybe they removed some videos overtime.

교육 기관: Abubakr

2019년 4월 24일

It is a good courses if you would like to get an idea about systematic review and meta-analysis. It also help the student to read systematic review critically and evaluate its quality.

교육 기관: Ibraheem M S A

2020년 5월 1일

the overall course is well-structured, and is a good start for a novice reviewer, however, it's poorly recorded (*speaker wise, that one with the hat sounded she was forced to do it, huffing and puffing), and confusing at times without a pointer to guide/navigate on slide. But, overall very well done.

교육 기관: Stephan R

2020년 5월 15일

This course gives you a perfect overview at introductory level. The course units and time spend on different aspects are balanced, the material used is supportive, and I enjoyed the way the teaching staff engaged in this course. A next interesting step could be how to deal with all the new developments in science (such as open access, FAIR procedures, etc) and their meaning with regards to the quality of reviews.

교육 기관: Bibek K

2019년 9월 2일

This course helps to learn basics about systematic review and meta-analysis. I recommend this course to the beginners, who wants to do systematic review in future.

Thank you John Hopkins!

교육 기관: Lin N

2017년 5월 15일

This is a really nice detailed course with tons of examples, if you can afford, please pay them or purchase of the course instead of auditing. I hope I will be able to purchase it.

교육 기관: Roy R M

2019년 2월 23일

The lecturers were excellent and learning outcomes were met. Highly recommended for all public health specialists.

교육 기관: Xueling L

2019년 8월 12일

learned a lot. Good example to help to understand. very clear

교육 기관: Bandar D

2017년 4월 2일

interesting and well organised course