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How well do you think you know tango? This two-week mini-course is designed for music lovers, musicians, and dancers who are interested in learning more about the Argentine Tango. It will explore the many dimensions of the Argentine Tango music, including its origins, popularization during the Golden Age, dissemination abroad, evolution into an artistic music-dance form, and adoption by Argentine and international art-music composers to date. The goal is to provide learners with an authentic and holistic tango experience by intersecting scholarly studies of the history, theory, and culture of tango with knowledge of instrumental performance practices. Learners can also learn more about basic tango gestures and steps that embody the music, as well as the poetry of tango....
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교육 기관: Gary M

Dec 02, 2019

As a tango dancer, I found the material to be very good and providing a great overview of the dance, music, culture and history. I found the quizzes sometimes 'wrong' where the text of the course says one thing and but the correct answer to the question expected something different. This happened only a few times and wasn't a showstopper. Overall, kudos to Kristin for so much detail and thorough work and an excellent presentation that was so well organized including multi-media. Really superb.

교육 기관: Deborah K

Dec 31, 2019

Well worth taking, good overview and insight into tango history and emerging tango , would like to see the course more expansive for more experienced tango dancers, a free course offering and an entertaining and informative way to learn

교육 기관: Greg C

Jan 28, 2020

Very good course. Very informative and interesting.