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You use the Internet through your PC (Personal Computer), laptop, tablet, smartpad, and smartphone every day in everything you do. Through your own PC/laptop, you can easily learn everything about the Internet, and that is what this course is focused on. In this course ‘Introduction to TCP/IP,’ you will learn the operational functions of Internet technologies (which include IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, addressing, routing, domain names, etc.) and your PC/laptop's security and gateway Internet setup and basic principles. In addition, through a simple Wireshark experiment, you will see the TCP/IP packets and security systems in action that are serving your PC/laptop, that serves you....

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Jul 08, 2018

Awesome course, though the questions could have been better and the high level details on protocols and all could have been highlighted in a better manner. Non the less, its an awesome course.


Dec 02, 2017

It was so interesting and helpful course. I enjoyed with this course. I got a lot of knowledge about Networking,TCP/IP model, Cyber Attacks and Protecting,Wireshark and etc.\n\nThank You

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교육 기관: Sejan R C

Feb 16, 2019

I love this course

교육 기관: Andres C B

Jul 08, 2019

Excellent course


Sep 26, 2017

very nice course

교육 기관: Philip o j

Nov 09, 2017

its interesting


Aug 21, 2018

Value addition


Nov 07, 2019


교육 기관: Muhammad Z H

Sep 26, 2019

learnt alot

교육 기관: Douglas H V L

Feb 11, 2020

very good

교육 기관: German V

Jul 03, 2019


교육 기관: YULIANA L R J

Jun 17, 2019


교육 기관: Lahcene O M

Jan 22, 2018

very nice

교육 기관: Vrinda

Oct 09, 2017


교육 기관: RACHNA

Oct 24, 2019

far good

교육 기관: million t

Feb 01, 2018

The graphical representation is not great. It looks like the clip coming back from 20 years ago. Is the instructor CGI or real person I am not sure. The break down and the script of the lecture is very good. It is very usefu 'll to have nice foundation in networking career.

교육 기관: Mark C

Apr 16, 2018

This a good introductory course on network protocols. It offers a starting point for a more in-depth study of the protocols.

It would have been good to have however more examples/details on how routing works in more complex network types such as subnets in LANs/WANs.

교육 기관: Charlton

Oct 31, 2018

The course was good and covered topics I expected it to cover. It would have been great if the quizzes were after an immediate module rather than being at the end. Over all a well designed course topic wise and provided good insight.

교육 기관: Soumyadeep R

Jun 05, 2018

Ideal for anyone who wants to review concepts quickly and thoroughly. The course is well grounded only for beginners. So if you're a beginner perplexed where to start,this is place to try. All the best to future learners !

교육 기관: SUN L

Mar 20, 2019

It is a very useful course. The second half of the course might be too tedious as it includes much details on the protocols formulation which does not concern with people who is not in communication technology major.

교육 기관: Nikolaos K

Jan 05, 2020

Very nice presentation material, concise and thorough. Lecturer was pretty good at giving information and keeping everything to the point. It is a nice introduction for very high level information on TCP/IP

교육 기관: Jen G K

Feb 15, 2020

It is a very good course. For beginners it would be very helpful to understand the TCP/IP and many more through this course. You will also learn about cybersecurity in this course. Thank you.

교육 기관: RUDRA P S S

Nov 05, 2019

it is such a nice course available free of cost where i learned about tcp-ip,here we can get so much knowledge about TCP-IP in short time period....Thank-You!!!

교육 기관: Стовманенко В О

Oct 29, 2017

It's much more interesting when a teacher adds something from himself and not just reads text. But if tou want to know a basics this cource if quite good.

교육 기관: Sean E

Nov 21, 2017

Very interesting course. Sometimes, it moves to quickly for a beginner and some concepts could be explained through better analogies.

교육 기관: Chethan

Dec 30, 2017

It was a great overview of TCP/IP working. I was able to recollect the stuff which i learned in college.