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Learn to program with Boolean Expressions, If Statement, and For and While Loops in Java, and prepare to teach others using the free, online interactive CS Awesome textbook. In this course for teachers we'll guide you both in learning Java concepts and skills but also in how to effectively teach those to your students. This course will support you in teaching the Advanced Placement Computer Science A course or a similar introductory university-level programming course. We'll cover the critical Java concepts of selection (if statements) and iteration (loops), as covered in the APCS A Units 3 and 4. Each topic will begin by relating Java to block-based programming languages and then provide video overviews of CS Awesome content along with additional materials to supplement learning for your students. You'll engage with additional materials to support your teaching including "deep dive" classroom discussion questions, assessment overviews, code tracing and problem solving skills for your students, including preparation for free response coding questions....
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Learn to Teach Java: Boolean Expressions, If Statements, and Iteration의 3개 리뷰 중 1~3

교육 기관: Arelthia P

2021년 12월 15일

There are good tips expecially about Unit 4. Discussion scores are not synced from Perusall.

교육 기관: Howard E S I

2021년 11월 21일

This course is a complete waste of time and should be removed from Coursera. The student will never be able to complete the course since in weeks 2 and 4 the Persuall assignments are never graded which prevents you completing the course. Coursera has been contacted many times of the last 8 months but have refused to do anything. They say it is the course provider's responsibility to fix the content but continue to collect fees for the course knowing that it is broken.

교육 기관: Cy L

2021년 11월 13일

I've finished all the quizzes and assignments. Passes all the quizzes, The assignments are not being graded so it's impossible to receive a certificate for my work.