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This course will prepare you for teaching science in higher education. In this MOOC you will learn to make your knowledge as an excellent researcher accessible to your students. We will show you how to communicate science to novices as well as advanced students in science. You will experience the value of teaching with analogies and you will be guided to train your students' competences. Based on up-to-date findings from research into teaching and learning science you will be able to - implement evidence-based strategies into your own teaching, - use students everyday-conceptions for the development of courses, - prepare analogies and models to teach in your field, - implement problem-based teaching, - set up for experiments and teach the nature of science. This course enables you to teach abstract science topics to your students and make them become active and successful learners. The course is based on lectures (videos), handouts (knowledge-to practice briefs), which supplement the knowledge taught in the lectures and assignments to implement the teaching strategies into your own practice....

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Sep 17, 2018

It was useful for me as beginner. I learned how to give an assessment, planning for the course, developing my course material, raise the competitions between my students and more.


Mar 03, 2018

This is a very exceptional course for me as a teacher. Very helpful insights and learnings. Thanks Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert for you wonderful teaching methodologies. God bless you.

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