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Recently revised and updated! Effective teamwork and group communication are essential for your professional and personal success. In this course you will learn to: make better decisions, be more creative and innovative, manage conflict and work with difficult group members, negotiate for preferred outcomes, improve group communication in virtual environments, develop a better overall understanding of human interaction, and work more effectively as a team. Our goal is to help you understand these important dynamics of group communication and learn how to put them into practice to improve your overall teamwork....

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2020년 8월 27일

Amazing course! I've learned a lot of new theories & ideas of Group Communication! in a simple yet interesting way. I will definitely make use of knowledge gain from this course in my practical life !


2020년 4월 27일

Amazing course! I've learned a lot of new theories & ideas of Group Communication! in a simple yet interesting way. I will definitely make use of knowledge gain from this course in my practical life !

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교육 기관: Clémence L

2020년 5월 17일

The course is really pleasant to follow, it follows its own advices !

Offers good teachings on how communication is and should be, on a variety of subjects.

교육 기관: Angela G

2021년 4월 11일

This was a great course and the instructor was excellent. His manner of teaching was very entertaining and engaging which made learning the material easy.

교육 기관: Aleksandra

2020년 9월 1일

Is was very interesting! The presentations were very clear. Dr.Koschann is amazing lecture. I wish Dr.Koschann and all his team success and prosperity!


교육 기관: Kristina B

2020년 4월 22일

Great and insightful course. I was impressed with professors knowledge and way of explications. I've gained many essential skills :) Thank you very much!

교육 기관: Malika R

2020년 11월 15일

The course had given me more insight into my daily interactions with persons and to better understanding their actions and what my response should be.

교육 기관: Vijayalakshmi K

2020년 6월 18일

Course content is extremely good. The assignments are very interesting and challenging as well - Helps you to remember and apply the concepts learnt.

교육 기관: Antonio d

2020년 5월 8일

Excellent explanation. Good focus on the key points. I enjoy like a movie. Video quality good; material and support excellent. Thank you very much.


2020년 9월 7일

A very exceptional course which helps a lot to understand daily mechanism of how team works what are the problem on faces and how ro resolve them..

교육 기관: Mehedi H P

2020년 5월 31일

Such an amazing course with a great course teacher. Learned many important topics regarding how a team works to make a decision and avoid conflict.

교육 기관: Deddy B

2020년 7월 10일

Thanks to all person that work to build this concise Learning Material. All the challenge was equal with a real life learning activities in class.

교육 기관: Prashant M

2020년 7월 8일

Very useful and relative content for today's work. it covers all aspects from theories of communication to current virtual work and technologies.

교육 기관: Saharnaz M

2020년 6월 1일

I really enjoy this course, the method of teaching and the level of presentation as an online course was great. Thank you all for this chance :)

교육 기관: Irene L M G

2020년 11월 29일

Excellent course about communication in groups, decision making and how to use technology in the right way to support communication activities.

교육 기관: Rajesh K R

2021년 1월 10일

Great course...provided lot of explanation on communication differences in the team and how to handle the team members of different background

교육 기관: Michel A

2020년 5월 18일

The course has been very informative and allows me to understand Group Communication in a much greater concept than what I initially presumed.

교육 기관: Alikhan U

2020년 5월 2일

nice course, I learned the fundamentals about communication in a group, the notion of conflicts, and key aspects of decision-making processes.

교육 기관: Ramesh V

2021년 5월 18일

Wonderful subject covered in a clear elusive way. Assignments were challenging and have helped me a lot to improve the communication skills.

교육 기관: Glen R C

2020년 12월 10일

Interesting things I discovered about communication. It was challenging to the do the assignments but it helped me see my potential to excel.

교육 기관: Linus D

2020년 7월 27일

Very well structured curriculum providing the needed details with illustrations as much as possible to understand the content to the fullest.

교육 기관: Damola O

2020년 6월 24일

This course has really broaden my knowledge and I can apply this in real life situation to enhance communication in every group am a part of.

교육 기관: Artur M

2020년 6월 15일

Very well designed course. It was very engaging right from the beginning and the assignments proved to be valuable for content comprehension.

교육 기관: DEEPTI S N

2020년 5월 17일


교육 기관: Kirah I

2020년 5월 11일

This professor is super well spoken, covers extremely interesting content & I am confident that this information will help me in my worklife!

교육 기관: Jayateerth V

2021년 12월 18일

Excellent course on team work skills and communicating effectively, is very useful in day today life in both personal and professional life.

교육 기관: Deepthi A

2022년 5월 23일

A wonderful Session eloborating all important concepts of group communications. the articles cited, assignments given also are a great help