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Technical Writing, 모스크바 물리 기술원

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About this Course

The course develops technical writing skills necessary to communicate information gained through a process of technical or experimental work. The course highlights the factors that determine the degree of technicality of the language and concepts involved. You will learn how to write different technical reports, e.g., laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility reports, progress reports, consulting reports, etc. The course also approaches several language, structure, style, and content issues that you can encounter while reporting the results of your research....

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대학: DD

Mar 30, 2018

It's an amazing begin for peoples that need to have a first contact with the technical writing. The activities and lessons permit an engagement with other participants.

대학: IH

Jul 26, 2017

This course was a great opportunity to learn the pros and cons of technical writing. It was such an informative, interesting and enlightening learning experience.

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21개의 리뷰

대학: Lee Ann Bethune

Apr 26, 2019

Needs to be updated, tests answers don't match material.

대학: Lisa Flowers

Mar 20, 2019

Great course! Challenging and helpful! Recommend.

대학: Bogdan-Sebastian Buzatu

Feb 26, 2019

Information needs a little more work. So do the tests!

대학: Diana

Feb 20, 2019

It's nice and concise. I like it!


Jan 21, 2019

Very good course. Subject is very interesting. Some time there found some error on mobile application.


Jan 06, 2019

Very informative and easy to understand. This online course is very useful especially for technical people/engineers at DEWA

대학: Alexander Tourtillott

Dec 19, 2018

This course contains multiple misspelled words, mispronounced words, and grammatical errors. The overall presentation is confusing, and poorly presented. The video lectures contain multiple "um" moments, text that does not match the verbal presentation; and a distracting oval blur below the orators neck. The orator(s) do not reflect a complete understanding of the English language, or presentation aesthetics. The quiz and test questions are phrased poorly. One of the writing assignments includes submitting a product description. Is a product description an example of marketing or technical writing?

대학: Maria Khan

Nov 15, 2018

It was awesome to explore at this plateform.

대학: Dilshod Niyozov

Nov 01, 2018

Learned so many things. Good course.


Oct 17, 2018

Good course and informative