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Recent years have seen a dramatic growth of natural language text data, including web pages, news articles, scientific literature, emails, enterprise documents, and social media such as blog articles, forum posts, product reviews, and tweets. Text data are unique in that they are usually generated directly by humans rather than a computer system or sensors, and are thus especially valuable for discovering knowledge about people’s opinions and preferences, in addition to many other kinds of knowledge that we encode in text. This course will cover search engine technologies, which play an important role in any data mining applications involving text data for two reasons. First, while the raw data may be large for any particular problem, it is often a relatively small subset of the data that are relevant, and a search engine is an essential tool for quickly discovering a small subset of relevant text data in a large text collection. Second, search engines are needed to help analysts interpret any patterns discovered in the data by allowing them to examine the relevant original text data to make sense of any discovered pattern. You will learn the basic concepts, principles, and the major techniques in text retrieval, which is the underlying science of search engines....

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Sep 21, 2016

Great course for those trying to understand how ro analyse and process text data. It has the right amount of tools to help you understand the basics of information retrieval and search engines.


Aug 29, 2016

A great overview of text retrieval methods. Good coverage of search engines. A longer course will cover search engine better (remember this is a 6 weeker)

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Text Retrieval and Search Engines의 149개 리뷰 중 26~50

교육 기관: Michael O

Oct 17, 2019

This course has some good content, but it seems like it was abandoned. It was made a couple of years ago and I didn't perceive updates. Only has 2 programming assignments and they are optional and they use C++ and a very awkward framework. There are many problems while doing these assignments (lack of information) and there were no support at all. The discussion forums are almost inexistent.

교육 기관: Cloves A P S

Jun 19, 2020

This course has theoretical depth and helped me a lot to understand how elasticsearch (tool of my work) works, giving me more power to adjust search parameters.

교육 기관: Ripal R

Jun 06, 2020

Excellent Course for Computer Science Enthusiastic.

Must and Highly recommend course for all Computer Science and Information technology Aspirant


May 19, 2020

A bit difficult to complete as the Quiz questions were tougher. But when you go through all, you might feel good.

교육 기관: Ketan C

May 08, 2020

nice course nice videos and questions some are very easy only very little tricky questions

교육 기관: Trevor E

May 30, 2020

Good course. The professor is organized and covers a nice array of the subject matter.

교육 기관: Haozhe ( X

May 25, 2020

Great course for understanding the theoretical part of text mining (intro level)

교육 기관: Luong A T

Nov 21, 2018

It is a great course, highly recommended for those who wants to work in the AI

교육 기관: Manoj P

Jul 03, 2016

Very good course for someone who wants to understand how text retrieval works.

교육 기관: Abhijit D

Apr 04, 2018

Prof Zhai explains very clearly each models with their pros & cons.

교육 기관: Vishal G

May 09, 2020

Very well organised content and speaker's knowledge is excellent.

교육 기관: Ivan A

Aug 01, 2017

Very useful course about text retrieval and search engines.

교육 기관: Isaiah M

Jan 08, 2018

A well put together course, very rigorous and in-depth...

교육 기관: Ben L

Dec 25, 2016

Itś a geat course, and the teacher shared his knowlege

교육 기관: Maurício S d M

Nov 24, 2016

Very good course, but could have something practical.

교육 기관: Jared C

Jun 08, 2016

Great insights in this course... I learned so much!!

교육 기관: Andrey N

Jun 10, 2017

Very clear and to the point about complex concepts

교육 기관: Lena H

Mar 11, 2019

help for building a whole picture about the field

교육 기관: orientalboyli

Apr 30, 2020

Good introductory course, recommend all readings

교육 기관: PATEL H K

Oct 17, 2019

Good course to learn machine learning approaches

교육 기관: Alan J R

Feb 19, 2020

Such a great course, definitely very enriching

교육 기관: s t

Apr 30, 2020

Excellent course with proper explaination

교육 기관: Vijayashri B

Oct 02, 2019

Course designed really simple and useful

교육 기관: leila S

Aug 13, 2016

much help for deep understanding of TR


Jan 20, 2017

A very useful course! thanks prof.