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Think Outside the Inbox: Email Marketing is the fourth of seven courses in the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate. This course will explore how to execute a successful email marketing campaign. Email marketing is one of the oldest and most proven digital marketing channels, and it is an essential component of an overall digital marketing strategy. Email is a primary channel for many businesses in reaching existing customers, encouraging interaction with the business, driving purchases, and building loyalty. In this course, you’ll explore email marketing and cover topics like: creating an email marketing strategy, executing email campaigns, and measuring the results of those campaigns. You’ll also learn how to use mailing lists and utilize automation and workflows. Google employees who currently work in the field will guide you, providing hands-on activities and examples that simulate common digital marketing and e-commerce tasks while showing you some of the best tools and resources used on the job. Learners who complete the seven courses in this program will be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following: - Write effective preview text and subject lines using best practices - Create email marketing automation and workflows - Build and maintain email lists - Write effective email copy - Conduct contact management and list segmentation - Employ best practices to handle personally identifiable information, or PII, and user data safely - Measure and analyze email campaign results...

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2022년 6월 21일

I can't say enough. Every course has been very well structured and put together. My only complaint, is I wish we had more access to the actual instructor for feed back.


2022년 7월 8일

Excellent course. I learnt a lot from it and my teacher was excellent! Thank you so much and I hope I will be able to apply this information once I get a job!

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