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This course is designed for classroom teachers who juggle time-sensitive tasks and often-exhausting teaching schedules. With an eye toward long-term sustainability, The Together Teacher examines the purpose for planning ahead, provides tools for tracking time commitments, deadlines and tasks, and helps teachers develop a personal organization system that interacts with their day-by-day practices. All teachers, from the pen & paper list maker to the tech-savvy digital maven, will benefit from the no-nonsense approach to "togetherness" that's presented in this course. We don't care what format you use; we care that you know when you have free time during the day, and that you have a plan for using it....

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2017년 11월 20일

Very helpful tools to capture tasks and to-do's to keep organized. The videos were brief and informative. The teacher was clear, concise and made the online learning experience very enjoyable.

2017년 1월 4일

This course was enjoyable and the tools and system I learned is really serving me well. I've made a couple tweaks and even shared some of what I have learned with fellow teachers.

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교육 기관: li w

2016년 5월 22일


교육 기관: Hagverdiyeva S

2016년 1월 26일


교육 기관: Liketso R

2015년 9월 15일


교육 기관: Christine J

2015년 8월 23일

The course is a very good guide on how to get yourself organized following the Together system. The videos are not overly long, the assignments are directly related to the approach and system they are trying to guide you in. This works well for in-service teachers.

교육 기관: Becky S

2015년 8월 17일

Very practical tips on how to set up a system that will help you get your you know what together as a teacher. This is the paper-shufffle crazy-making side of teaching. I recommend it!

교육 기관: Amir S

2015년 10월 2일

It helped me alot to get organised and know I can do way more than I could do in my limited time. BTW some tasks were just impossible to achieve

교육 기관: Melissa

2016년 11월 15일

This course was helpful. I will not be using everything I learned, but I did like the comprehensive calendars so I have continued to use those.

교육 기관: Sr M G M

2020년 10월 31일

The course was very helpful but Coursera did a Bait and Switch by making learners purchase the certificate!!! Shame on you!

교육 기관: Andreas L

2015년 9월 4일

I'm not a teacher, but found many aspects of this course very useful to better organize at work or in my free time.

교육 기관: Leigh P

2016년 10월 17일

This has helped me to stream line my planning both at work and at home. Many take away ideas that I still use.

교육 기관: Zakaria A

2015년 11월 8일

wonderfull'i recommended for new teachers or persons who wants to put and organize everyting by planing

교육 기관: SR

2019년 9월 30일

An incredibly easy course for someone who needs some outside help getting their life organized.

교육 기관: Katerina X

2018년 3월 31일

I got great ideas on organizing my time. I would recommend it to everyone, not just educators.

교육 기관: Tanja

2016년 5월 25일

This was very useful. I used what was taught and had my most organized year ever! Thanks

교육 기관: Amin A

2015년 8월 25일

Nice course. I already use most of the tricks. However, I get a lot of more ideas.

교육 기관: Julio L

2016년 10월 4일

A simple easy course, but to the point and effective. I recommend this course.

교육 기관: Jessie H

2019년 8월 7일

There are some very useful tips and templates which we can use in daily life.

교육 기관: Florence M

2015년 8월 30일

Should also exist for no-teachers : everyone needs a good organisation!

교육 기관: Lucia C F M

2015년 11월 26일

I liked it! I think it can be finished in a much shorter time, though.

교육 기관: Magali G D

2016년 7월 16일

Very detailed and helpful. It helped me decide for my present method.

교육 기관: Raimundo d J S

2017년 1월 18일

Gostei do curso e foi muito útil para mim como profissional da área.

교육 기관: Lauren K

2016년 2월 1일

I took this a year ago and I still use the strategies! I loved it.

교육 기관: Brian

2015년 11월 2일

It seems to be focused on creating calendars and that's useful.

교육 기관: Tricia C A

2015년 9월 8일

This course is very useful for teachers to get organized.

교육 기관: Meryem G

2016년 3월 22일

This really helped me even though I am not a teacher