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This course imparts a wide range of basic knowledge and skills in the field of trauma surgical and orthopedic treatment of patients. To facilitate this, the course employs a new concept of information transfer. We follow a scientific approach and a sophisticated combination of modern teaching methods to vividly impart the taught contents. This included case-based learning, comprehensive factual knowledge, and consecutive quizzes, which help to better memorize the learned contents and later employ them in everyday situations in the field of trauma surgery. The course participants are introduced to the multi-faceted field of the treatment of trauma patients. Different trauma mechanism and their sequelae are elucidated, as well as the respective gold standard of medical treatment of these injuries by means of modern trauma surgery. All episodes – of which each one is dedicated to a distinct pathology – follow the same approach: • Introduction and/or repetition of the anatomic principles • Prelude of the topic by means of a film • Classification of the treated wound, e.g. according to AO • Summary of relevant and current therapeutic options • Each episode is interspersed with short quizzes to immediately recapitulate the learned contents and which will help solving the exam quizzes The course was compiled by an interdisciplinary team of internationally renowned experts from the special field of orthopedic surgery from Germany. Depending on the respective consultant’s specialization, suitable case scenarios from our clinic are presented. Dieser Kurs ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Für die ursprüngliche, deutsche Version des Kurses besuchen Sie bitte

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2020년 6월 8일

It is a best and very informative course , i extremely happy for doing this course.

always prefer to join many courses from this site. the way of teaching is extraordinary.

thank u very much .


2020년 4월 25일

It was an awesome course, particularly the case based learning was really helpful. Gained a new insight into the management of fractures. Learnt a little bit of German too, haha.

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