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In this course, you will learn what an argument is. The definition of argument will enable you to identify when speakers are giving arguments and when they are not. Next, you will learn how to break an argument into its essential parts, how to put them in order to reveal their connections, and how to fill in gaps in an argument by adding suppressed premises. By the end of this course, you will be better able to understand and appreciate arguments that you and other people present. Suggested Readings: Students who want more detailed explanations or additional exercises or who want to explore these topics in more depth should consult Understanding Arguments: An Introduction to Informal Logic, Ninth Edition, Concise, Chapters 1-5, by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Robert Fogelin. Course Format: Each week will be divided into multiple video segments that can be viewed separately or in groups. There will be short ungraded quizzes after each segment (to check comprehension) and a longer graded quiz at the end of the course....

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2016년 10월 10일

Very good course, made me really think again. The professor is very clear on his explanations and he also made the course smooth and funny, which helped on the learning process. Highly recommended!


2018년 7월 5일

I found this course very challenging as I find critical thinking very difficult. However this course was extremely rewarding and I will be taking the other three modules in the Think Again series.

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Think Again I: How to Understand Arguments의 726개 리뷰 중 201~225

교육 기관: Trudy L

2021년 4월 10일

Excellent course. Material presented clearly with great examples and quizzes. I found the final exam challenging and finally on my fifth try passed.

교육 기관: Wendy G S

2020년 9월 28일

This was a fun class, and things were broken down very well. I liked the self pacing. The professor was a goofball and made the lectures enjoyable.

교육 기관: Heinz H

2019년 10월 1일

I like the concept and the profound analysis of language and speech very much. I have just glanced over the course so far, but I want to finish it.

교육 기관: Amy ( Q

2018년 3월 3일

Great, quizs while learning helps to understand bette^_^ And the teacher is humourous.

Thanks to Dr. Walter and thousands of likes for Coursera.

교육 기관: Henault A

2019년 9월 18일

Very interesting curse, because in my technological carrier nobody give me the reflexe to thinking about arguments and how to use it to progress

교육 기관: JoAnn A

2017년 4월 10일

Although I had some background "noise" that made this course challenging, it was a good learning experience! The professors made it interesting.

교육 기관: Mary A

2017년 9월 20일

It is a great course. The instructor is excellent , he tries his best to make it easy and fun though the subject is not easy . Thank you all

교육 기관: Manuel R F

2021년 11월 29일

T​odo es explicado de forma muy clara y amena. El profesor se esfuerza en dar ejemplos que puedan ser entendidos fácilmente. Muy recomendado.

교육 기관: Juan S P S

2020년 8월 10일

This course was intriguing, interesting and enlighting! I strongly recommed everyone who is in fond of linguistics and philosophy to take it.

교육 기관: Phoebe D

2020년 11월 19일

This course is fantastic, now I know more about arguments and how to identify whether an argument is valid or invalid, good or bad. Thanks.

교육 기관: Josef P

2020년 3월 27일

Great Professor Sinnott-Armstrong, thorough and comprehensible explanation, interesting examples (R. Redford, but especially Monty Python).

교육 기관: Yiye D

2017년 3월 13일

This course is awesome! I really appreciate the time and effort devoted to make this course such a great introduction to critical thinking!

교육 기관: Stephen K

2020년 6월 15일

The course was easily digestible and engaging. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to hone their logic and argumentation skills.

교육 기관: Matthew K

2017년 5월 15일

I very much appreciated the material collected and presented for this first in the Think Again series. The course was quite enjoyable too.

교육 기관: Luis A

2018년 1월 14일

This course was very clear for me, it gives a lot of examples and it gives very good explanations for the correct choices in the quizzes.

교육 기관: Victoria M M

2020년 7월 3일

It was a great experience! It was not heavy with materials but it really makes you to renew and refresh your way of thinking critically.


2020년 6월 12일


교육 기관: Semanur G

2020년 9월 28일

It has been a very useful lesson in developing my skills to make valid and sound arguments, to think critically and to analyze. Thanks.

교육 기관: Hrom T

2020년 5월 11일

I liked this course so much! It was interesting and fun! The professor explained everything very clearly and in an understandable way.

교육 기관: YL Z

2018년 6월 28일

This is an interesting , easy-to-understand and useful course to understand arguments, and to put thinking into a rational perspective.

교육 기관: Muhammad F Y P

2020년 10월 23일

The perfect class for those who are interested in learning how to give better arguments, and avoid being deceived by bad arguments.

교육 기관: Cristiano C L

2018년 10월 30일

I'm very grateful to have done this excellent course. It should be part of the learning at schools. Congratulations and thank you.

교육 기관: Ilya K

2017년 1월 22일

Thank you very much for this course. It helps to understand more clearly the arguments and to be more wise in the art of disputes.

교육 기관: Santiago M

2022년 5월 1일

Very Good.

Viedos are too long. Voice do not match with text (at least the some I tried).

Objective achieved: understand arguments.