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In this course, you will learn what an argument is. The definition of argument will enable you to identify when speakers are giving arguments and when they are not. Next, you will learn how to break an argument into its essential parts, how to put them in order to reveal their connections, and how to fill in gaps in an argument by adding suppressed premises. By the end of this course, you will be better able to understand and appreciate arguments that you and other people present. Suggested Readings: Students who want more detailed explanations or additional exercises or who want to explore these topics in more depth should consult Understanding Arguments: An Introduction to Informal Logic, Ninth Edition, Concise, Chapters 1-5, by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Robert Fogelin. Course Format: Each week will be divided into multiple video segments that can be viewed separately or in groups. There will be short ungraded quizzes after each segment (to check comprehension) and a longer graded quiz at the end of the course....

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2016년 10월 10일

Very good course, made me really think again. The professor is very clear on his explanations and he also made the course smooth and funny, which helped on the learning process. Highly recommended!


2020년 6월 10일

I found this course very challenging as I find critical thinking very difficult. However this course was extremely rewarding and I will be taking the other three modules in the Think Again series.

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Think Again I: How to Understand Arguments의 726개 리뷰 중 601~625

교육 기관: Guillermo P

2017년 8월 4일

Very well explained every aspect of an argument with examples explained in great detail. Clearly lot of work has put into this and I thank everyone for it.

교육 기관: Ricky S S

2017년 10월 18일

Interesting view on how to construct and deconstruct arguments. Not enough focus on more complex issues though. The examples, in general, were too simple.

교육 기관: Gregory R

2020년 9월 8일

Professor was fun and entertaining. This course provided information on how to break down an argument and actually get more out of what you are reading.

교육 기관: Nargis l

2017년 7월 28일

It was interesting working through this course and though I had to repeat my assignments I understood that I need to enhance my skills in argumentation.

교육 기관: Will M

2016년 12월 28일

Weekly quizzes instead of just the final (that actually counts for a grade) would be very helpful to me, but it was a great course and I learned a lot!

교육 기관: Vincent A

2020년 8월 6일

Really enjoyed the course, although some of the videos did give me grief because of the length. Loved learning all the content throughout though.

교육 기관: David B

2020년 11월 3일

Algunas veces, los subtítulos, tanto en español como en inglés, tienen desfase conforme corre el video. Fuera de eso, es un excelente curso >o<

교육 기관: Lim S Y

2020년 8월 6일

Good lesson on thought combined with linguistics and language use. Appreciate that additional materials are provided for higher level learning.

교육 기관: Mario A P G

2020년 10월 30일

The course is unusual but great, as a student at University, having a course about thinking it helps to check what I'm saying before to do it.

교육 기관: Win K K

2020년 7월 15일

I do enjoy it but this course is mainly focused on theory. Sometimes, it is hard to understand and I still think it should be more practical.

교육 기관: wai c c

2016년 9월 24일

I do enjoy the course through interaction with other participants and like to express my sincere gratitude to Coursera and Duke University.

교육 기관: Darryl C

2017년 4월 3일

No complaints. This course revealed im more interested in the interpersonal dynamic of influence and persuasion vs the logic of arguments.

교육 기관: Fabio A C S

2020년 4월 20일

This is a wonderful basis to understand how can the arguments are made and what are the most basic element to take into account !!

교육 기관: Delamon R

2017년 7월 9일

great course! but would have been fun if every example throughout had been from a real historical argument (no made up examples).

교육 기관: Jacky M

2020년 10월 19일

Much more difficult than I anticipated. Confusing. But I did learn a lot and took tons of notes, so I will review. Thank you.

교육 기관: 李保燃

2017년 5월 1일

The course is related with language and logical analysis , so it's a little hard to learn because my English is very poor.

교육 기관: Fabio D B

2020년 5월 19일

It's very well-thought. The examples are clear and the explanations are simple.

It lacks more practice exercises, though.

교육 기관: Karen M

2020년 5월 18일

An exciting course. This one focusses on the importance and impact of interpretation and language in a conversation.

교육 기관: Joe B

2020년 4월 17일

I learned a lot about making concise, effective arguments and how to dissect others. Very informative. Thank you.

교육 기관: Gituma N

2022년 6월 18일

A good cause introducing the technical aspects of how to dissect an argument and the various components

교육 기관: Bilal M S

2020년 6월 5일

A well-rounded course. Got bored during some lectures due to the monotonous delivery by the instructor.

교육 기관: Sarah D

2019년 2월 5일

Interesting and helpful in becoming more analytical. Also helped to raise awareness of language usage

교육 기관: CHEN Y

2018년 8월 27일

Basic knowledge and theory for logic, useful if you want to learn deeper about logic reasoning.

교육 기관: Ajay S

2016년 10월 29일

One splendid course ! I thoroughly enjoyed taking it and look forward to the next part of it.

교육 기관: Coly H

2021년 3월 23일

The Part 1 is elementary, I wish the further chapters would be more intricate and challenging!