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Few capabilities focus agile like a strong analytics program. Such a program determines where a team should focus from one agile iteration (sprint) to the next. Successful analytics are rarely hard to understand and are often startling in their clarity. In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, you'll learn how to build a strong analytics infrastructure for your team, integrating it with the core of your drive to value....

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2021년 5월 12일

I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, but the course proved me wrong. Excellent introduction to data science and its basic concepts, and fits perfectly to the rest of specialization.

2020년 12월 12일

Gives thoughtfull ideas on how to manage and make use of data in agile development. Absolutely meets the expectations as it is a beginner level course. Highly recommended.

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교육 기관: Anna K

2020년 5월 29일

It is a good and interesting course in general. But peer assignments have mistakes. So, even students that understand materials well will lose points.

교육 기관: Alexandre A

2020년 5월 12일

A lot of material copied from previous courses

교육 기관: Federico F C

2020년 8월 3일

usefull, but simple.

교육 기관: Neil I

2020년 8월 13일

I have an issue with this course. I expected to love it, as it's the fourth of five in the DPM specialisation, and I've previously completed a specialisation on data science, as well as having quite an analytical job, however I HATED it. It was a chore that I had to get through as quickly as possible. Why? The practice quizzes. They are everything that gives this type of course a bad name: confusingly written, ambiguous (often with multiple possible correct answers) and far too frequent.

As a result, the course consistently demoralised me, making me think I didn't understand things I'd just learned, had misunderstood previous courses, and to question things I've held true for years.

Whoever let those questions out into the wild needs to take a long hard look at themselves.

The course content is fine; it's just those quizzes...

교육 기관: Dario B

2020년 12월 16일

Many things already seen in the prv Agile courses