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Not so long ago, the job of product manager was about assessing market data, creating requirements, and managing the hand-off to sales/marketing. Maybe you’d talk to a customer somewhere in there and they’d tell you what features they wanted. But companies that manage product that way are dying. Being a product person today is a new game, and product managers are at the center of it. Today, particularly if your product is mostly digital, you might update it several times a day. Massive troves of data are available for making decisions and, at the same time, deep insights into customer motivation and experience are more important than ever. The job of the modern product manager is to charter a direction and create a successful working environment for all the actors involved in product success. It’s not a simple job or an easy job, but it is a meaningful job where you’ll be learning all the time. This course will help you along your learning journey and prepare you with the skills and perspective you need to: Create the actionable focus to successfully manage your product (week 1) Focus your work using modern product management methods (week 2) Manage new products and explore new product ideas (week 3) Manage and amplify existing products (week 4) This course is ideal for current product or general managers interested in today's modern product management methods. This course was developed with the generous support of the Batten Institute at UVA’s Darden School of Business. The Batten Institute’s mission is to improve the world through entrepreneurship and innovation:

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2018년 6월 24일

I enjoyed this course very much! This course helped me ground myself in some of the core principles of product management and I'm confident that I will take what I've learned and put it into practice.

2019년 5월 19일

I liked the course content, even though i do not work - yet - with product. It gave me a good overview of what to expect in the near future, when i expect to be able to put the knowledge into action.

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교육 기관: Christopher G

2021년 5월 26일

The course provided a good summary of core principles and frameworks/methodologies used in product management. It was a refresh to previously visited concepts and an intro to new approaches. The interviews from professionals were additive, providing real life examples and use cases. I also liked the format — easily, digestible video segments that were engaging to watch. I look forward to putting my learnings into practice.

교육 기관: Gustavo C

2019년 8월 22일

The instructor of the course presents the content with a lot of knowledge and deep understanding on a easy to absorb manner.

The content is really dense and i had to keep coming back to lectures to get a better understanding so maybe it could go a little deeper on a few of those if the course was longer.

Overall I am really satisfied with the content and teaching methods and I believe the course has contributed a lot to me.

교육 기관: Annapurna G

2020년 1월 2일

Completed this excellent Coursera certification course on Digital Product Management. The course helped me to learn the role of Product Manager in the new Agile/Data Science driven world and all the methodologies and tools that we can use to create/enhance, new/existing products. The course was example and scenario driven, with interviews from successful Product Managers from various industries. Definitely recommend it.

교육 기관: Kshitij S

2021년 2월 22일

This course was suggested to me by a friend. After completing Week 1 of this course I must say I was completely hooked on to it as I found it very practical & to the point. The fact that this course has videos of actual professional people from different companies talking about their work is really insightful as well. I enjoyed doing this course. It will definitely help me in my future career path as a Product Manager.

교육 기관: Vishweshwaran R

2019년 4월 17일

Thanks for the great program, structuring and pace Alex. Lot of the digital product management concepts have been new to me, and helped me understand in greater depth of why i do, what i do, intuitively.

This program will help me stay relevant in the current digital product management market and stay ahead of the curve by applying the concepts of digital product management.

Overall, i enjoyed this program very much.

교육 기관: Merian

2021년 3월 19일

This is a great course for people new to the field of working Agile (it offers complete set of complementary tools for Agile working and insights in organisations working with Agile teams) or people that are applying agile for many years and think they do not need to plan and report on outcomes. The course has inspired me and I will give the the Agile approach a more prominent place in my daily life and work.

교육 기관: Ralf M

2020년 10월 25일

A great introduction into the field of modern product management. Yes, it has a focus on software, as I believe this is where the spirit of "Lean Startup" (to which the course often references) comes from, but still - the course's content can be used for every company and person. Excellent didactic parts, links to external resources, and (as a non-native speaker) an English I was able to follow all the time.

교육 기관: Daniel T

2020년 7월 13일

Fantastic course! Highly recommended for anyone interested in the job of (digital) product management, or product design and development in general. Gives a lot of useful information, tools, advise, etc, in order to be a more effective product manager and develop better products, which I will certainly use and which will certainly help me in my job. Well structured and presented as well. Many thanks, Alex!

교육 기관: Deniz N Y

2018년 2월 1일

It was a very productive course. Some guest speakers were very effective and gave great examples from the office. It was a great intoduction to a lot of methodologies that I did not know existed. In addition, the resources were super helpful.

The time schedule was hard to keep up with, as I'm working in the mean while. But thanks to Coursera I was able to postpone the session and continue where I left off.

교육 기관: PK

2019년 8월 11일

This is an excellent course for professionals who wants to break into product manager role. It benefits experienced PMs as well, in brushing up their PM fundamentals and providing the overall context. Alex provides a whole lot of frameworks, techniques and methods with ease and makes it very relevant with occasional interviews with subject matter experts in those specific areas. Overall, a 5-star course!

교육 기관: Aditya B

2020년 12월 14일

A great and practical way to learn good PM skills! I love how the professor told me towards the end that to internalize the stuff, practice one thing at a time week by week and take another skill. The knowledge is packed here a lot so that I would suggest iterate through the videos multiple times. Make sure to get a 100% grade, which would help grasp the context rather than have an over-looking view.

교육 기관: Evgeniia P

2019년 12월 13일

Even you won't be a ready-to-go-in-the-real-work Product Manager after the course (practice is always a key!) but this is a great course that will give you an overview of the most modern frameworks, methods etc. that you can start practising. Alex is a great lector - I've enjoyed the course very much and I recommend it to everyone who wants to have an overview of state-of-the-art product management.

교육 기관: Amalchi C

2019년 12월 19일

Excellent course full of very practical advice. The instructor is incredibly engaging. I took away much more from this course than I thought I would. While assessments are limited to quizzes, they questions seem to be well-thought out. The interviews were a great addition as well. I predict that this will be a course that I will be referring back to as I transition to a digital product owner role.

교육 기관: Ryan H

2021년 1월 14일

This course delivers a hard and fast overview of the fundamentals of product management from concept to deployment in both small and corporate roles. Interviews with professionals are on target and relevant to the subject. Notes should be taken throughout if you want to make this your career. Details can easily be missed because of the natural candor of the information, but no lecture is trivial.

교육 기관: Rafael A

2020년 6월 13일

I am very satisfied, becasue this course allowed me to have know a modern Theory associated with practical content with the views of competent and knowledgeable professionals; High level didactics; great digital material; many methods, which allow the PMs to choose which best practices suit their profiles.

Grangatulation to Mr Alex Cowan e thank you so much to sharing a piece of his knowledge

교육 기관: Kostas M

2021년 9월 3일

As someone who is not exactly bilingual, meaning English is not my primary launguge, i found mr.Cowan very simple and easily understood in his speech. The whole course was very helpful and gave me a lot of ideas since i am only just starting my career. Mr.Cowan talks through a lot of perspectives about the job of PM and makes you eager to try the things he teaches you in real life scenarios.

교육 기관: Dawn R

2020년 10월 5일

This course is outstanding! I haven't been in the role of product manager for over ten years. This course has given me the knowledge and experience to reenter this role based on current practices of digital product management. I especially enjoyed the interviews with Darden alumni currently in roles where they understand product-market fit and deliver products that meet customer needs.

교육 기관: Stefan W

2017년 12월 7일

I looked for a new approach in product management and Alex fulfilled my expectations with his course. He is passionate about product management and likes to share his experiences. For someone whose English is not his mother tongue, Alex communicates it in a very comprehensible and pictorial way. His network of experts is suitably diverse. However, I had some problems understanding them.

교육 기관: Arihant J

2020년 10월 21일

This is an amazing course. I was thoroughly engaged throughout the timeline as it was helping me learn new skills and strategies and figure out what was wrong with the existing ones. The course offers beautifully crafted strategies that can help a product manager avoid mistakes and wastes and progress in the right direction. A highly worthwhile course for product managers and leaders.

교육 기관: Irene O

2021년 7월 15일

The course was very informative and you are automatically engaged with the lecturer, you do not want to miss anything he says. You get to participate through the polls during the course, the questions and answers within the courses are great to keep you alert. then the subject matter experts invited to give us an insight into the real world of digital project management were awesome.

교육 기관: Povilas S

2019년 11월 15일

Concise, encompassing all necessary ideas for beginner PM. You can iterate, dig deeper and learn more yourself then, because you have the track, the fundamental ideas to lean on.

As course is based on Agile ideas, the course itself looks like agile project - kind of zero waste. Each idea, each topic or subject is valuable, each sentence brings some message with it. Thanks!

교육 기관: Amit K

2018년 9월 7일

First of all, I would like to thanks Coursera for providing such a wonderful cost that really has made me learn lot of things about Product Development and how to manage growth of it. I had studied from different sources but this one is not only unique from other but it also share logical content that helps you building products. Kudos to Alex Cowan, and team of Coursera.

교육 기관: Raphael R P

2020년 6월 23일

Great! Alex is clear, modestly fun, shows real knowledge and is also an easy figure to watch and follow. Honestly, I expected more complexity, but this course served to show me I've always been working with Product Management, Agile and Design Thinking, but naturally, never with the "correct names", if I can say it that way. Truly recommend for those quite lost, like me!

교육 기관: Lily O

2019년 7월 18일

Really helpful as a junior PM. I was aware of most of the things it was mentioned through out the course, but never thought through what it really means, or how it actually affecting the end result. Didn't really have a chance to talk about product management before since our company did not have many product manager in house. Thank you so much for providing this course.

교육 기관: Sagar G

2021년 4월 11일

It is an amazing course for beginners and intermediate professionals. The way Prof. Alex explains the concepts is clear and fluid. It is leaning a bit towards an entrepreneurial side. As an aspiring product manager, I learnt structured thinking and implementation skills from this course. I would totally recommend this course to aspiring and existing product managers.