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지금 바로 시작해 나만의 일정에 따라 학습을 진행하세요.

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Samurai Portraits

One good way to gauge the distance between literary and visual culture in early modern Japan is to examine the ways in which painters and poets depicted their contemporaries. Portraits of samurai are especially rich in information about how men at the top of the social ladder wished to be “viewed” as physical entities, and how they expressed themselves as moral actors within society. In the first module, we will learn the basic formal aspects of samurai portraiture, and at the same time begin to interpret poems and prose inscribed onto the images themselves.

12 videos (Total 102 min), 1 reading, 13 quizzes
12개의 동영상
1-2 "Portrait of Satō Issai" by Watanabe Kazan I9m
1-3 "Portrait of Satō Issai" by Watanabe Kazan II7m
1-4 "Portrait of Satō Issai" by Watanabe Kazan III8m
1-5 Representation of Reality in Literatures I9m
1-6 Representation of Reality in Literatures II8m
1-7 Watanabe Kazan's Representation of Reality9m
1-8 Chinese Quatrain by Rai Mikisaburō11m
1-9 "Portrait of Yoshida Shōin" by Matsura Shōdō I8m
1-10 "Portrait of Yoshida Shōin" by Matsura Shōdō II6m
1-11 Yoshida Shōin and His Writings I6m
1-12 Yoshida Shōin and His writings II6m
1개의 읽기 자료
Course Description10m
13개 연습문제
Practice Quiz 1-12m
Practice Quiz 1-22m
Practice Quiz 1-32m
Practice Quiz 1-42m
Practice Quiz 1-52m
Practice Quiz 1-62m
Practice Quiz 1-72m
Practice Quiz 1-82m
Practice Quiz 1-92m
Practice Quiz 1-102m
Practice Quiz 1-112m
Practice Quiz 1-122m
Module 1 Graded Quiz36m
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Painted Beauties

Visual images of women produced in Japan before the introduction of photography can be divided into two types: portraits of women who actually existed in society, and painted or printed images of idealized “beauties,” whose resemblance to physical reality was subsumed often to an intense interest in mode and situational aspect. Like samurai portraits, images of women, both real and imagined, would often be inscribed with texts which instruct viewers how to understand and appreciate them. In this module, we will overview several painted and printed images, and learn how contemporary viewers used these images and their texts as a tool to understand the world.

14 videos (Total 105 min), 15 quizzes
14개의 동영상
2-2 "Portrait of a Geisha" by Watanabe Kazan II11m
2-3 "Portrait of a Geisha" by Watanabe Kazan III9m
2-4 "A Courtesan" by Takahashi Yuichi I6m
2-5 "A Courtesan" by Takahashi Yuichi II7m
2-6 "The Courtesan Usugumo of the Miura House at the Age of 89"8m
2-7 Beauties in Ukiyo-e I6m
2-8 Beauties in Ukiyo-e II5m
2-9 Beauties in Writings I6m
2-10 Beauties in Writings II8m
2-11 "Beauty in the Painting" by Matsumoto Fūko I9m
2-12 "Beauty in the Painting" by Matsumoto Fūko II2m
2-13 Beauties in Photographs I7m
2-14 Beauties in Photographs II9m
15개 연습문제
Practice Quiz 2-12m
Practice Quiz 2-22m
Practice Quiz 2-32m
Practice Quiz 2-42m
Practice Quiz 2-52m
Practice Quiz 2-62m
Practice Quiz 2-72m
Practice Quiz 2-82m
Practice Quiz 2-92m
Practice Quiz 2-102m
Practice Quiz 2-112m
Practice Quiz 2-122m
Practice Quiz 2-132m
Practice Quiz 2-142m
Module 2 Graded Quiz42m
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The Literary Photograph I

What methods did early modern Japanese artists and writers have at hand to “capture the moment,” and how did these methods influence the introduction and adaption of western photography in the mid-nineteenth century? In this module we will see how photographic modes of representation were assimilated into the literary tradition of portraiture, which was covered in modules 1 and 2.

8 videos (Total 75 min), 9 quizzes
8개의 동영상
3-2 "On Reading" by Miyaoi Yasuo I9m
3-3 "On Reading" by Miyaoi Yasuo II11m
3-4 "Calligraphy and Painting Gathering in Satte Post Town" by Yoda Chikkoku II8m
3-5 Inscribed Photographs I11m
3-6 Inscribed Photographs II8m
3-7 Masaoka Shiki and Post Meiji-Restoration Writers I12m
3-8 Masaoka Shiki and Post Meiji-Restoration Writers II5m
9개 연습문제
Practice Quiz 3-12m
Practice Quiz 3-22m
Practice Quiz 3-32m
Practice Quiz 3-42m
Practice Quiz 3-52m
Practice Quiz 3-62m
Practice Quiz 3-72m
Practice Quiz 3-82m
Module3 Graded Quiz30m
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The Literary Photograph II

Our final module traces the trajectory of the literary photograph from the end of the long nineteenth century into Japan’s modern era. Photographic images of the human figure in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Japan were often accompanied by literary writing inscribed either on the image itself, or on its reverse side. Modern novelists sometimes published photographs with short poems as captions. We will wrap up our course with a summary of how visual and written modes of representation colluded, and combined to produce powerful documents of social and psychological actuality.

9 videos (Total 78 min), 10 quizzes
9개의 동영상
4-2 Portrait of Niijima Yae7m
4-3 Picture Postcard I7m
4-4 Picture Postcard II11m
4-5 Letters from Nagai Kafū11m
4-6 ”Strange Tale from East of the River” by Nagai Kafū I7m
4-7 ”Strange Tale from East of the River” by Nagai Kafū II8m
4-8 Course Summary I7m
4-9 Course Summary II6m
10개 연습문제
Practice Quiz 4-12m
Practice Quiz 4-22m
Practice Quiz 4-32m
Practice Quiz 4-42m
Practice Quiz 4-52m
Practice Quiz 4-62m
Practice Quiz 4-72m
Practice Quiz 4-82m
Practice Quiz 4-92m
Module 4 Graded Quiz30m
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Words Spun Out of Images: Visual and Literary Culture in Nineteenth Century Japan의 최상위 리뷰

대학: VCJan 10th 2018

Very knowledgeable lecturer with a gentle humble voice. Much was learned about literary portraits from 18th/19th centuries to literary photographs in the early 20th century.

대학: JADec 16th 2018

i loved it! it was very detailed in terms of historical literature and photographic culture and the narrator really explained everything very well.



Robert Campbell

Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo
Director-General, National Institute of Japanese Literature

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