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In this course, you'll explore the basic structure of a web application, and how a web browser interacts with a web server. You'll be introduced to the request/response cycle, including GET/POST/Redirect. You'll also gain an introductory understanding of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), as well as the basic syntax and data structures of the PHP language, variables, logic, iteration, arrays, error handling, and superglobal variables, among other elements. An introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will allow you to style markup for webpages. Lastly, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to install and use an integrated PHP/MySQL environment like XAMPP or MAMP....

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2018년 2월 9일

Even being quite an expert in area, I still enjoyed this course a lot and learning quite much from it as well. Highly recommended to everyone who developed an interest to PHP and web-applications.


2018년 2월 20일

Thanks for a great course by which I learn a lot of experience from the experts :-). One of the my assignments has been gradually developed into a more robust site at

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