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This course provides a brief introduction to the fundamentals of finance, emphasizing their application to a wide variety of real-world situations spanning personal finance, corporate decision-making, and financial intermediation. Key concepts and applications include: time value of money, risk-return tradeoff, cost of capital, interest rates, retirement savings, mortgage financing, auto leasing, capital budgeting, asset valuation, discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, net present value, internal rate of return, hurdle rate, payback period....

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2016년 10월 21일

The professor is very patient, he spends a lot of time making sense of the equations and the calculation process, which helps me comprehend the concepts and their application really a lot. Thank you!


2021년 9월 26일

An excellent course overall. I really enjoyed the learning experience and look forward to more courses from Wharton. Special thanks to professor Michael Roberts for providing great value in 1 course.

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Introduction to Corporate Finance의 1,070개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Lutz E

2016년 6월 3일

Horrible. Like all Wharton Courses massively shortened and in this case also extremely dumbed down from the initial installment by Allen (of Brealey Myers fame) after he left Wharton. Corporate Finance has here been more or less reduced to a quick superficial glance at time value of money and investment metrics. If you want to learn anything about Corporate Finance, this is absolutely the wrong course. In addition have the passing requirements also been reduced to kindergarten level, so that passing this course is of absolutely no value at all (no, I do not exaggerate, it is truly THAT bad). My candidate for the lowest level course on Coursera. This is really a disgrace for Wharton. Avoid at all cost.

교육 기관: ANSHUL V

2019년 7월 25일

I paid 82 USD for this course, in that much price the content is very little, and boring, and i had learnt not much from this course.

교육 기관: Danielle L

2019년 7월 23일

The course was very difficult and confusing for me. The material did not match the quizzes. To input answers was a little tricky at times. I know it is an intro course but the info was too vague. There were not many opportunities to practice examples and such before quizzes. You may like this course, but for me, it took forever it seems and I did not get much out of it. Problem sets were missing and such. It is a good thing there are other sites online with help available or I do not think I would have ever gotten through this.

교육 기관: PRASATH J

2019년 7월 20일

Giving 1 rating for course materials. Lecturer was not focused/sincere and blabber most of the sessions. He just reads the slides most of the time. Needs lot of improvement

교육 기관: Moncef S

2016년 6월 20일

This course is not broad enough and does not cover many important aspects of corporate finance such as : cost of capital, risk management, corporate value creation...

교육 기관: Mario C

2020년 5월 10일

extremely hard to grasp and no ability to get support. I am forced to stop using this coarse and move on to another to prevent me from slowing down my progress.

교육 기관: Adam C

2017년 5월 16일

It should be called intro to financial maths not corporate finance

교육 기관: Luis A

2016년 5월 2일

Dry, quizzes do not represent material

교육 기관: Bodan C

2021년 2월 5일

I loved the lecturer. But there were no practice questions like he said there would be. There were MANY mistakes on the quiz and nobody from Coursera or UPenn could be reached to address either of these issues. Shocking considering how much this costs.

교육 기관: tom

2016년 5월 24일

Need upgrade to take the Quiz? Total Ridiculous!

교육 기관: celine

2019년 7월 21일

excellent course. just wish the answers of the tests could be provided at some point and some new questions included with other figures as I found it difficult to understand my mistakes at first.

교육 기관: Amy L R

2021년 2월 1일

I very much enjoyed the professor of this class but it seemed there were parts of the course missing (supporting documents, lectures) that made it difficult to follow the class. I was able to take the exam as many times as I wanted, which is not the norm. There were some questions on the exams that me, and many others, wondered if the correct answer was even given as a choice. There was no clarification from moderators so no closure as to what was going on there. It just seemed that the class was an after-thought. I am still paying to take these courses and do very much want to learn each subject. I'm afraid this course left me nothing but confused (and I haven't been up to now).

교육 기관: Meet S

2020년 5월 10일

3 stars just for the Instructor because he is very good and knows his ways around the topic and how to explain it. As for content, First and Second week went of good, but then in 3rd week many terms were skipped and went too fast especially the tablet case study. Again in 4th week More time should have been given to sensitivity analysis. As the topic says INTRODUCTION to Corporate Finance, it actually just touches the topics and leaves and no detailed learning is present. I hope more on sensitivity be added in the course.

교육 기관: Лебедева Д Д

2020년 9월 5일

A lot of questions in the quizzes did not have correct answers, also it was difficult to work on my mistakes because there was no solutions or explanations provided if I marked an incorrect response in a quiz. This has made learning from mistakes an uneasy task.

교육 기관: Moustafa M M H

2020년 7월 31일

Actually it is a great material and amazing instructor, I got a lot of information during the course and even from the references he kindly mentioned. Thanks a lot professor, and thanks coursera.

교육 기관: Sitanan T

2021년 1월 9일

I was so excited to start this course, then the disappointment start taking its way in. I don't have anything against professor, I think he's okay. In my opinion, the content is too shallow. Course quiz is just all over the place, some times no correct answer, some times, just straight misleading. I came in knowing about 15%, and I'm finishing the course knowing about 0.5% more.. don't really worth the time. Could have learn more from reading the book...

교육 기관: Jie C

2021년 1월 7일

Good lectures. But, the quiz is awful, each quiz has two questions that don't have the right answers for students to choose in the options. Many feedback and discussions regarding this issue in the forum, some comments were two month old, and yet there is neither any replies from coursera nor corrective action to the answers!!

교육 기관: Shujie Z

2020년 5월 14일

Explanations are not good.

교육 기관: Diana G

2021년 1월 13일

This course is fine, but it's really not that useful if you want to really understand how all the concepts fit together. It's also not that well organized to be intelligible for a beginner. It somehow occupies a position in which it uses too much complex jargon, making it overly complex and disorganized, while still only practically giving a superficial overview of the material. I don't have a formal finance background, but I have taken a course on edX sponsored by Columbia (not sure if this review will remove the name of the rival online learning certificate site, but alas I'll try because I want to help people in my position make a better choice for their money). The course on this competitor site was far more logically laid out and paced. It was also more rigorous and ultimately USEFUL. They did not skip around but instead built upon each new concept to the point that you holistically built up the knowledge needed to do more complex problems by the end. I saw in this other course's instructors page that they had an education specialist help develop it, and boy did it show (only after I saw how confusingly laid out this course was in comparison...).

교육 기관: Avanty K

2021년 5월 8일

THIS IS A SCAM! Course is missing most materials, has incorrect answers, and NO PRACTICE PROBLEMS. Definitely not worth paying for and honestly an embarrassment to Wharton.

교육 기관: ADRIAN C

2015년 11월 29일

Excellent as an introductory course on the way to another course with more depth. I did this as a preparation for my Executive MBA course which will cover pretty much the same topic, just more in depth. Despite its brevity, the key concepts are the important ones and this lecturer builds up the information in easy-to-grasp steps. Would love to see this course extended into a more full-fledged unit with more comprehensive quiz questions that would help the student grasp the concepts even more fully. Would highly recommend this course to anyone. As my first Coursera unit, I am uncertain about the value of electronic completion certificate, so I did not pay for it - but as a pure unit for learning, it is really top-class.

교육 기관: Lily

2016년 10월 22일

The professor is very patient, he spends a lot of time making sense of the equations and the calculation process, which helps me comprehend the concepts and their application really a lot. Thank you!

교육 기관: Karl

2016년 1월 4일

Having spent the most of my 20 year career full time in corporate finance i was pleasantly surprised to have new perspectives and takeaway points on key aspects on the subject. Highly recommended

교육 기관: André S

2020년 6월 15일

O curso é objetivo, fornece toda a instrumentação matematica relacionada ao tema e contextualiza o aprendizado com exemplos simples, mas que podem ser aplicados na vida pessoal e profissional.

교육 기관: Anuj J

2015년 12월 10일

Very nicely explains about the corporate finance terms...The way Prof. Roberts explains makes it so simple to understand!! I feel very satisfied to have taken this course!! All the best!!