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This course focuses on women’s health and human rights issues from infancy through old age, including information about positive interventions relating to those issues. Learners are encouraged to interact with each other through interactive discussions. It is important to us that this course be available to all learners. We encourage you to apply for Coursera's financial aid (see link to left) if the cost of the course certificate is difficult for you to afford. Please note that you may view all materials in this course, and participate in it, without purchasing a certificate. The course was co-created by Consulting Professor Anne Firth Murray and Kevin Hsu. Anne Firth Murray is the Content Director of the course; Kevin Hsu is the Design Director of the course....

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2019년 3월 2일

This course is very complete, professors and collaborators can provide extremely important information to your learning regarding women Human Rights.\n\nI also appreciated all the resources available.

2020년 10월 14일

A wonderfully insightful course, with many real-life case studies that reveal the ingrained and systemic abuse that so many women face. The course had the right balance of videos and reading material.

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International Women's Health and Human Rights의 321개 리뷰 중 101~125

교육 기관: Emel A

2021년 3월 3일

great presentation, coverage of materials and experts!

also, a lot of videos from experts, NGOs, people working on the field!

I will definitely recommend this course!

교육 기관: Prachi B

2020년 7월 23일

Amazing and really changed my perspective and learnt so many new things of injustice on women. This motivates me to do good work for women and spread the awareness

교육 기관: Paulina C M

2020년 7월 20일

Es una excelente opción para conocer más sobre derechos humanos y la salud de la mujer en sus diferentes etapas, ojala más gente pueda hacerlo, super recomendado!

교육 기관: Artur G d A

2020년 9월 15일

Certainly the best course I have ever taken in the area of ​​law, I am sure that I will take it into my life, at the same time becoming a better human being.

교육 기관: Rachyeta D

2020년 9월 12일

Course is Excellent. I want to finish the course before 30th September. However, I am unable to unlock few of the assignments and quizzes. Kindly Help asap.

교육 기관: safiya B

2019년 11월 14일

International Women's Health and Human Rights Exposed me and exploits me to accessible information that previously not known to me.but now fully loaded 👍

교육 기관: Angela G

2021년 4월 15일

While I have always been an advocate for Women's Rights, I thought I knew everything but I learned SO much more with this course! I highly recommend it!

교육 기관: Madhuri R

2020년 10월 2일

What a brilliant course!

There is always more to learn. The fresh perspective provided by the course material helps the learner grow as an individual.

교육 기관: Madison S

2019년 4월 29일

I absolutely loved this course. I would highly recommend to anyone. It is filled with fascinating and engaging materials on a wide variety of topics.

교육 기관: Ekaterina P

2021년 2월 1일

Amazing course structure that provides a holistic view on the subject and an incredible selection of reading materials. So grateful for this course!

교육 기관: Tripti M

2020년 10월 3일

filled with lots of knowledge and facts ,very helpful for any person who are interested in understanding the condition of female all over the world.

교육 기관: Eva D

2020년 2월 25일

Extremely well-structured and enriching course, even for expereinces humanitarian aid workers. Great resources and excellent community. Thank you!

교육 기관: Jhansi L T

2020년 7월 19일

The course was very informative and eye opener. Iam very happy to be a part of this course. Every topic of this course was very knowledgeable.

교육 기관: Acacia D

2021년 3월 5일

Loved this course. Extremely stimulating and so relevant!! This course has given more meaning and motivation to a lonely lockdown. Thank you :)

교육 기관: Olivia T

2020년 8월 18일

A fascinating, insightful and useful course. I feel grateful to have taken this and I feel empowered to go forward and continue with this work.

교육 기관: Phoebe v D

2018년 11월 15일

This course was extremely informative, the information and topics were relevant and up to date. I learnt a huge amount undertaking this course.

교육 기관: RAMEEZ R M

2020년 7월 23일

One of the best course I had ever watched. I am very much grateful that You gave me a chance to learn from you. It was a wonderful experience.

교육 기관: Simona I

2020년 6월 22일

So insightful, and Anne Firth Murray so passionate, talenteted did an amazing course.

Thank you for your love and dedication to help the world.

교육 기관: Jacqueline N

2019년 8월 24일

Exceptional course content very educative, informative and eye opening. My women health skills and human rights knowledge have been enhanced.

교육 기관: Lucy K

2017년 9월 25일

Fantastic and informative course which gives a well-rounded and in-depth view of women's health and it's relation to human rights issues.

교육 기관: Laura T

2018년 4월 1일

Beautifully done! I loved every part of it. I think I have learned a lot in the past 10 weeks. Thank you very much for this opportunity

교육 기관: Valeria T

2019년 9월 20일

Amazing course, thanks for this opportunity to obtain deep knowledge in the field of International Women's Health and Human Rights!!!

교육 기관: Sumayya K

2020년 7월 2일

most extensive course regarding assignments,quizzes, and community engagement. Learnt a lot about women's problems and our rights.

교육 기관: Agathe N

2020년 6월 21일

Everyone needs to take this course. It touches on very important topics in a rigorous but sensitive way. I would highly recommend!

교육 기관: Alice P

2020년 4월 26일

Learnt so much from this course, has also inspired me to use my voice to empower both women and men to fight for gender equality.