Strategies for Vaccine Development

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Public Health, Contact Tracing


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Jul 14, 2020

This course was very informative with a good balance of video sessions and reading materials. I gained appreciation for this important function in stemming the virus.


Jul 20, 2020

This course was awesome, I learned so much and really hope to be able to utilize this course in securing a position as a contact tracer in my community!

Vaccine and Spread


  • Bettina Beech

    Bettina Beech

    Associate Provost of Planning and Strategic Initiatives, Professor and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Medicine
  • Lechauncy Woodard

    Lechauncy Woodard

    Director, Humana Integrated Health System Sciences Institute
  • William Elder

    William Elder

    Professor and Chair of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Camille Leugers

    Camille Leugers

    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Kristin Kassaw

    Kristin Kassaw

    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Gregorio Gomez

    Gregorio Gomez

    Clinical Associate Professor of Immunology
  • Joel Blumberg

    Joel Blumberg

    Associate Professor
  • Omar Matuk-Villazon

    Omar Matuk-Villazon

    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
  • Helen Valier

    Helen Valier

    Instructional Assistant Professor
  • Luis Torres

    Luis Torres

    Endowed Chair for Social Determinants of Health
  • Winston Liaw

    Winston Liaw

    Chair of Health Systems and Population Health Sciences
  • David Buck

    David Buck

    Associate Dean for Community Health
  • Kenya Steele

    Kenya Steele

    Associate Professor
  • Michelle Carroll Turpin

    Michelle Carroll Turpin

    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Omolola Adepoju

    Omolola Adepoju

    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Ruth Bush

    Ruth Bush

    Associate Dean of Medical Education
  • Leah Fowler

    Leah Fowler

    Research Assistant Professor
  • Vanessa K. Tilney

    Vanessa K. Tilney

    Chief Physician/Executive Director
  • Jessica Mantel

    Jessica Mantel

    Associate Professor
  • Kimberly Pilkinton

    Kimberly Pilkinton

    Associate Professor
  • Brian Reed

    Brian Reed

    Chairperson of the Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Steven Starks, M.D. , FAPA

    Steven Starks, M.D. , FAPA

    Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Houston College of Medicine
  • Kendra Smith, Ph.D.

    Kendra Smith, Ph.D.

    Director of Community Engagement
  • Kathleen Jones

    Kathleen Jones

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