Introduction to the course and to the module

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EU fundamental freedoms in the light of cross-border road transport


  • Amber Zwanenburg

    Amber Zwanenburg

    Lecturer of Labour law
  • Mijke Houwerzijl

    Mijke Houwerzijl

    Professor of Labour Law
  • Luca Ratti

    Luca Ratti

    Associate Professor of European and Comparative Labour Law
  • Herwig Verschueren

    Herwig Verschueren

    Professor of International and European Labour and Social Security law
  • Monika Tomaszewska

    Monika Tomaszewska

    Professor of Polish and European Labour Law
  • Michal Szypniewski

    Michal Szypniewski

    PhD Researcher
  • Bartłomiej Bednarowicz

    Bartłomiej Bednarowicz

    PhD Researcher & TA
  • Ruben Houweling

    Ruben Houweling

    Professor of Labour Law
  • Zef Even

    Zef Even

    Professor of International and European Labour Law

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