A simple course rater with JavaFX choice box and text area

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Use JavaFX framework to create a simple GUI with a choice box, a text area, and a date selector. When a button is clicked the details are shown.

Clock2 hours
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Video분할 화면 동영상
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In this project, you will create a simple GUI application in jGrasp using the JavaFX framework. The components of the interface will be arranged in a Grid Pane container. A template program for rating a course is provided to which you will create and add a choice box with ratings such as excellent, good, and poor, a text area to type in comments, and a date picker. When you click on a button the program will display the selected date picked, selected choice box, and typed comments.

개발할 기술

  • Javafx
  • DatePicker
  • ChoiceBox
  • Java Programming
  • Text Box

단계별 학습

작업 영역이 있는 분할 화면으로 재생되는 동영상에서 강사는 다음을 단계별로 안내합니다.

  1. Create the stage, layout, and scene

  2. Create a choice box

  3. Display selected choice box

  4. Create a text area and display typed text

  5. Create a date picker and display selected date

안내형 프로젝트 진행 방식

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분할 화면 동영상에서 강사가 프로젝트를 단계별로 안내해 줍니다.

자주 묻는 질문

자주 묻는 질문

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