Advanced Google Classroom for Education

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Use Google Classroom for virtual and in-class learning

Use the more advanced features of Google Classroom

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Clock1 Hour
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By the end of this one hour-long project, you will be ready to use the more advanced features of Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a “free and easy tool helping educators efficiently manage and assess progress, while enhancing connections with learners from school, from home, or on the go.” Throughout this project, we will work together to create an use rubrics, use originality reports, use comments, and investigate app integrations in Google Classroom. As we learn each feature, we will learn what it looks like from a student perspective as well as the settings and features on the teacher side. Whether you are teaching online or in person, Google Classroom will help simplify your year while engaging students and creating connections at home. *You will need a free Google account for this project.

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단계별 학습

작업 영역이 있는 분할 화면으로 재생되는 동영상에서 강사는 다음을 단계별로 안내합니다.

  1. Become more familiar with Google Classroom

  2. Create and use rubrics in Google Classroom

  3. Use originality reports in Google Classroom

  4. Add comments and use the comment bank

  5. Add extensions and app integrations

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