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In this project-based course, you will learn how to launch your own server at Amazon AWS Lightsail, configure your own SSH client and upload files to the server. Then, you will learn how to modify the server to access it privately. Further, you will learn how to change the server configuration to have a simple NodeJS game with both a backend and frontend started automatically and its content served through the Apache webserver. Note: To avoid distraction for setup during the course, we would recommend that you create an Amazon AWS account beforehand....

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AWS: Publish a NodeJS Website from Scratch의 6개 리뷰 중 1~6

교육 기관: Rex C

2020년 11월 4일

I enjoy Amazon Web Services as I admired Mr. Jeff Bezos for his accomplishments in life, like a life cycle of how computer works.

교육 기관: Mayank T

2020년 8월 15일

It was great to learn.

교육 기관: Rohit P

2020년 12월 30일

Thank you

교육 기관: Dimitris Z

2020년 12월 26일

I understand easy but i want more information or theory for how it works apache for StaticIp:port and always on processes

교육 기관: P S D

2020년 8월 29일

Better option who knows the command line interface. Because explanations about commands are less given. Overall, you gain good experience. Worth enrolling it.

교육 기관: Yara A

2020년 9월 15일

seems like it has outdated information