Behavior Driven Development with Selenium and Cucumber

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Writing effective behavior-driven test using Gherkin syntax

Writing effective assertions

Data-Driven testing using cucumber

Clock2 hours
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Behavior Driven Development encourages collaboration between everyone involved in developing software: developers, testers, and business representatives such as product owners or business analysts BDD aims to create a shared understanding of how an application should behave by discovering new features based on concrete examples. In this 1-hour long project-based course, you will learn how to Write effective behavior-driven test using Gherkin syntax Integrate Selenium with Cucumber Write effective assertions Write Data-Driven test using cucumber Real-world examples used in the hands-on project makes this project a great learning experience

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Functional TestingSoftware TestingBDDCucumberSelenium

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  1. Creating a feature file with Gherkin syntax

  2. Creating a step-definition file and adding a glue

  3. Writing Selenium code to the step definition file

  4. Adding Assertions to the test cases

  5. Using regular expressions to pass parameters to test steps

  6. Data-Driven testing using Scenario outline

  7. Using Background keyword to reuse common steps

  8. Passing Test Data using DataTables

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