Build A Google Firebase Web App (Part II)

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Firebase User Authentication

Firebase Security Rules

Clock2 hours
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This 2 hour-long guided project is part 2 of the project "Build a Google Firebase Web App". In this project, we focus on user authentication and data security rules. At the end of this course, you will be able to describe and apply Firebase user authentication and write data security rules to protect your Firebase data. This course requires basic experience with Firebase and intermediate to advance knowledge of JavaScript. Although it is not a prerequisite, I would strongly recommend you take part I of this class first if you have not already done so.

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Web DevelopmentGoogle Cloud Platformfirebaserealtime databaseJavaScript

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  1. User interface orientation and finished product preview

  2. Set up and connect - If you do not have your World Peace database from part I

  3. Set up and connect - If you still have your World Peace database from part I

  4. User Authentication - add sign in user interface

  5. User Authentication - add the code to actually sign in and sign out

  6. Security rules: limit read and write to authenticated users

  7. Security rules: enforce data integrity

  8. Assign user roles and display on screen

  9. Security rules: Only allow managers to delete issues

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