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Based on the same technology used at, AWS Forecast helps businesses and enterprises around the world to build accurate forecast. AWS Forecast is a machine learning service using which you could build forecast for multiple domains such as retail, inventory planning,etc. AWS Forecast also has automated machine learning capabilities which frees developers from many complexities of developing forecasting model from scratch and also saving the time. By the end of this course, you shall learn how to build your first AI Based stock market forecast using AWS Forecast. You shall also learn what are the different algorithms which are available as part of AWS Forecast and also how easy it is to train and deploy them. Please note: As part of this course, you would need your AWS Account to complete the course. It would be charged as per your usage of AWS Foreacst service. However, if you are using AWS Forecast for the first time, at the time of creating this course – AWS provides 10 hours of free hours to train or evaluate the model and 5 GB of storage during the first month. Overall you need to use this service within the first 1 month post which you shall be charged...
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The aws takes too long, the course is not 2 hrs of your time, it is at least 10 hrs