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Build your personal webpage using React and Github Pages(으)로 돌아가기

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In this 1-hour long project-based course, you will be able to build a personal web page to be used as a portfolio and/or resume. In your web pageou will be able to describe yourself and what you do, what technologies you like to use or feel most comfortable with, describing your personality, or whatever else you feel like throwing in. You will also publish your page using the Github Pages for free, making your page public and with a personalized domain. We will use an open source pre-built template, which uses react js. It is important that you have some basic knowledge of javascript and git, in addition to having a github account, which is where we will host our code. This project is for all those who want a simple and easy way to build a personal page to display their work, projects and resume. A way to present yourself professionally, telling your experiences and goals. In order to be successful in this project, you should have a free account on the Github and be familiar with basic git commands. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....
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Build your personal webpage using React and Github Pages의 2개 리뷰 중 1~2

교육 기관: Divya K

2021년 9월 2일

great good for everyone

교육 기관: Britton A K

2021년 3월 21일

The last part didn't work, and they basically just give you a finished template you can alter with your own info. Didn't learn anything about React.