Car Transport App in Figma

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In this project, you will learn how to prototype your design artboards with different ways of animating, such as creating a carousel.

You will also learn the way a flow is created in the prototype portion of XD as well as share the link when you have completed.

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Clock90 minutes
Cloud다운로드 필요 없음
Video분할 화면 동영상
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Laptop데스크톱 전용

By the end of this project, you will be able to prototype your user journeys in XD! We will complete a basic e-commerce journey from the customer selecting a product to purchasing completion. This includes animating interactive content, sticky content, as well as understand how to share the prototype for your stakeholders to view.

요구 사항

It is recommended familiarity of XD or other prototyping software to truly flourish, but a beginner can understand and learn this course as well.

개발할 기술

  • Design
  • Figma
  • User Experience (UX)
  • UI

단계별 학습

작업 영역이 있는 분할 화면으로 재생되는 동영상에서 강사는 다음을 단계별로 안내합니다.

  1. Task 3: Build the Menu

  2. Task 4: Create a Booking Page

  3. Task 5: Complete Booking Page

  4. Task 6: States for Editing and Deleting

  5. Task 7: Build the EditPage

  6. Task 8: Tracking the Car

  7. Task 9: Create the Active Tracking Page

  8. Task 10: Animating a Flow along with Responsive Design Issues

  9. Task 11: Animating a Flow for Practice

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분할 화면 동영상에서 강사가 프로젝트를 단계별로 안내해 줍니다.



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