Create an Effective Project Charter in Canva

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Learn how to write an effective project charter

Use SMART framework to define project goals and objectives

Use analogous and three-point estimating techniques

Design presentation slide in Canva design platform

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Effective planning is a key factor in strategic leadership and business operations that makes for better outcomes and successful projects. The project charter is not only a backbone of a project management plan but your project's best marketing tool which helps kick off the work of the project in the right way. By the end of this guided project, you will learn how to write a project charter, use the Canva design platform, and create a presentation slide to present the charter to stakeholders. You will learn what a project charter is and why it is an important artifact for project success. Throughout the project, you review the components of the charter, use the SMART framework to define project goals, practice analogous and three-point estimating techniques for a project budget estimate, and write project requirements, acceptance criteria, and assumptions, No prior experience in project management is required to complete this guided project. This project will benefit professionals wanting to broaden their knowledge and skillset in the area of project management, as well as project coordinators and entry-level managers seeking to obtain project management certifications.

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SMART goals and objectivesCANVA design platformThree-point estimatingProject ManagementProject Charter

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  1. Introduction

  2. Task 1: What is a project charter?

  3. Task 2: Design with Canva

  4. Task 3: SMART goals and objectives

  5. Task 4: Deliverables, requirements, and acceptance criteria

  6. Task 5: Analogous and three-point estimating techniques

  7. Task 6: Risks, assumptions, and constraints

  8. Task 7: Putting it all together

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