Create Improved Graphic Design Using VECTR-Part II

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Learn to create abstract wallpaper/background design in VECTR.

Learn to create flat designs in VECTR.

Learn to symmetrically arrange the designs and apply the shadow feature to enhance the graphic designs in VECTR.

Clock2 hrs
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Welcome to this guided project about how to “Create Improved Vector Graphic Design Using VECTR!” In this project you will learn how to effectively use the platform called VECTR which is a free and powerful vector graphics software. By the end of this project, you will learn to use VECTR to create your very own unique graphic designs and implement them. In this project, I will guide you to create flat character designs and an abstract wallpaper design using custom sets created from simple shapes. Note: Prior experience with the VECTR interface and basic concepts of graphic design will enhance the experience of this Guided Project. However, a run-through of the important aspects are provided in Task 1 along with additional resources in the reading section. This Guided Project was created by a Coursera community member.

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  1. Revisiting part 1 design

  2. An abstract background/wallpaper design-Circle

  3. An abstract background/wallpaper design-Square

  4. An abstract background/wallpaper design-Final

  5. Create your unique background/wallpaper design

  6. Create flat character face design: Male.

  7. Create flat character face design: Female.

  8. Create flat character face design: Animal.

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