Cypress UI automation testing for absolute beginners

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Understanding Cypress, it's features and it's architecture

Locating and interacting with form elements

Adding effective test assertions

Clock2 Hours
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Cypress is a complete end-to-end test automation tool built to test modern-day web applications. It is capable of automating both UI and API. This project is for beginner's in Cypress

개발할 기술

  • Qa & Ux Manager
  • Cypress
  • Test Automation
  • UI Test Automation

단계별 학습

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  1. Introduction to Cypress test automation tool

  2. Cypress architecture and environment setup

  3. Write your first test case using Cypress test automation tool

  4. Locating strategies in Cypress

  5. Interacting with form elements like textbox, checkbox, buttons etc

  6. Adding assertions to the test cases

  7. Configuration files in Cypress

  8. Hooks in Cypress

  9. Practice task - Interact with form elements

  10. Taking screenshot and videos in Cypress

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자주 묻는 질문

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