Deploy a Web Application in AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service

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Build a container image and deploy it to Elastic Container Registry

Create an Elastic Kubernetes cluster and deploy a web application

Scale the Elastic Kubernetes Cluster

Clock1 hour
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In this one-hour project, you will learn how to use the Amazon Web Services Platform and its Kubernetes Service to deploy a Web Application in a high availability environment, using the power of containers and Kubernetes in a real-world use case. Once you're done with this project, you will be able to clone a project, create a docker container image and deploy this container like a Kubernetes POD using the Elastic Kubernetes Services with just a few steps.

개발할 기술

  • Kubernetes
  • aws
  • Containers
  • Cloud
  • eks

단계별 학습

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  1. Understand the Project Elements

  2. Set AWS Permissions and Roles

  3. Create the Elastic Container Registry

  4. Build an Image and Run a Container before push to Elastic Container Registry

  5. Create an Elastic Kubernetes Cluster

  6. Create a Node Group for Elastic Kubernetes Cluster

  7. Deploy an application in Elastic Kubernetes Cluster

  8. Scale out the Elastic Kubernetes Cluster

  9. Clean up the project environment and avoid future costs

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