Finding, Sorting, & Filtering Data in Microsoft Excel

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Find and replace data values in an Excel spreadsheet.

Sort rows of data in an Excel spreadsheet to reorganize data into a more useful sequence.

Apply filters to an Excel spreadsheet to select specific rows.

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In this project you will learn to use the searching, sorting, and filtering features of Microsoft Excel. Using the free version of Office 365’s Excel for the web, you will manipulate spreadsheet data to make it more useful for effective business decision-making. Using a filter, you’ll isolate just the data needed. You can then sort it into a logical sequence that can turn data into the information needed for effective decision making.

개발할 기술

  • Regular Expression (REGEX)
  • Filtering data
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • Sorting

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  1. Use the Chrome browser to log in to access the free version of Microsoft Excel and upload an existing spreadsheet.

  2. Use Excel’s Find & Select feature to locate a specific cell value in a spreadsheet and automatically replace it with another value.

  3. Use the sort features in Excel to arrange rows in ascending and descending order according to specific column values.

  4. Use the filter features in Excel to select only rows that meet specific criteria.

  5. Calculate a new field in a spreadsheet and apply a filter and sort the result of the calculation.

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