Microservices with Spring Boot

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Create microservices with Spring Boot

Build and configure Swagger UI to test RESTful API’s

Configure and use JPA, H2 and Lombok for rapid application development

Clock2 hours
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By the end of this 2 hour project-based course, you will have the skills of rapidly designing industrial standard microservices and RESTful API’s with Spring Boot and other best in industry framework combinations. Along with learning the basics of Spring Boot Framework and designing a Parking Lot Application, you will learn some of the most desired skills shared among the best techies in the industry for web application development. You will learn how to create Swagger-UI, how to use Lombok Framework to minimize the boilerplate, and how to use embedded databases and Dev-Tools for faster application development.

개발할 기술

API DocumentationJPAJavaLombok FrameworkSpring Boot

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  1. Use Spring Initializr to download a skeleton Spring boot project template, then configure and use eclipse IDE to import the skeleton project

  2. Understand the structure of the skeleton project and use of Dev-Tools for faster application development

  3. Understand and implement the concept of embedded DB, access H2 Console UI, query data using JPQL

  4. Create JPA entities,, use Lombok Framework to generate getters, setters, toString, equals and hashcode methods

  5. Understand what are RESTful API's, Create RESTful API's, test Restful API's

  6. Understand what is API Documentation and then configure and use Swagger UI for rapid API's testing

  7. Design and implement database structure with the practical use-case example of Parking Lot Application Design using JPA

  8. Create RESTful API's for practical use-case example of Parking Lot Application

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