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In this project, you will learn a few methods on how to make your presentations more engaging and visual so you can captivate your audience’s attention and make them easily remember all of the information you are presenting. This guided project is for students, employees and business owners who are beginner users of Microsoft Powerpoint and want their presentations to be more visual and engaging. Using online Microsoft Powerpoint, you will learn how to customize your slides through changing their backgrounds, how to visualize your data through inserting videos and using SmartArt, and how to animate the slides content. Finally, you will learn how to apply and control the transitions between your slides....
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How To Visualize Your Data Using Microsoft Powerpoint의 3개 리뷰 중 1~3

교육 기관: Mudaliar K M

2022년 6월 24일

This course is very useful .

교육 기관: Miguel A O M

2022년 3월 31일

Esperaba también como mejorar gráficas estadísticas.

교육 기관: Zaglul H

2022년 1월 17일

I am happy to be awarded with certificate